Sodi X2Drive

This one goes off as 100 % electric…. true statement because it is. It is also, more conveniently, a two – seater. So yup … two people ( perhaps some best buddies, a father and son, or even a couple going out for some fun, he he he he heh ) can enjoy the best of the all – electric go kart as they hit the road. It’s time for some fun, right? We all need an outlet and something great to do, every once in a while ; and when you pick up a SODIKART X2 DRIVE ( OR SODI X2 DRIVE, in short, he heh ) , that’s what you make possible with its amazing EASY DRIVE ® technology for top – notch style ( and comfort, he heh ) . By this way, this tech is legally patented, not just “patent pending” … they have gone through the entire process and were able to fully mark it as such, what an achievement. This product has also surpassed all standards needed in order to make it a safe, operable and fun vehicle, at the end of the day. How nice!

In addition to that, we also have the lovely fact that it uses some of the latest generation lithium batteries around, of which few brands on the planet are now starting to integrate in multiple kinds of devices. It’s one of the first to use these. How exciting of a time to be living in, isn’t it? I might also make mention of that ‘silent engine’ you may or may not be familiar with, which is also a very relatively new thing these days and only typically included in items of luxury …. well, in this go kart, it DOES feature it. Ha hah! Surprise, surprise!

That means, no more whirring, revving, or other annoying ( and often loud, especially at night ) sounds you might be so accustomed to. Now, you can actually NOT have to talk over each other, when you and the other rider / driver want to have a quick conversation as you start up the go kart or take off …. it won’t be so loud that you can’t hear what you’re saying to each other, he he he heh. That, for me, is always a bonus. I simply can’t appreciate that quite enough, especially in the booming – loud era and society we all live in, these days. Quiet, to me, is like “gold”.

Guess what else you get to have on this black, red, green and white go kart? Well …. 2 steering wheels! That’s right …. 2 of them. One’s for the passenger to drive alongside you. You can engage that 2 – point, active – position or fixed – position system in seconds to make all the magic happen. This product has some of the best, high – quality, steering tie rods that I have ever seen as well, along with an insanely cool – looking petrol tank and steering column as well.