Best Galvanic Isolator For Boats

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Imagine you and your friends, best friends, I should say…just cruising down that perfect shore line in those crystal clear blue waters of the ocean, without a single worry or fret. Or imagine yourself being able to sit with your spouse and have a nice little drink on your deck as you enjoy the best that boat sailing has to offer? I mean, you have worked very hard all of your life and now feel that you deserve a chance to kick your feet up, open every bottle of champagne in your cellar collection, and just take things a bit easy until you wait for the next great phase of your life to show itself…. Is not this the dream life that so many of us have dreamt of and more than one time? I know that for me, it’s still a goal and I am hoping to meet it one day, and many years of hard work can pay off.

Best Galvanic Isolator For Boats

Now, what’s a perfectly running boat without perfectly running boat parts — and in this case, to be more specific, a perfect galvanic isolator? After all, you don’t want to get stuck or lose friction or power when you find yourself right in the middle of the open ocean with your loved ones, do you? So for that, you need the best parts and the best maintenance of them, eh? And many, on that note, have nicely shared their differences of opinions on what really makes the best galvanic isolator but I would now like to share mine….since we are all sharing. And yes, sharing is caring — I care enough to share what a great product has been for me and with the hopes that it can do the same for every person that reads my thoughts ; I am an open book here, and you are now going to read as I disclose my own two cents on a ‘favorite’.

My favorite, I will say without shame, has been the Pronautic 1260 P Marine Charger, 12 V / 60 A made by the brand of Promariner. It has caught my eye, time and after time, as I have enjoyed many nice cocktail parties on my best friend’s boat — we grew up together and have shared all things, even his boat and his wild side for partying, he he heh. But we did all things with caution and exercising prudence, too. He was able to get that boat as a gift from his very well - to - do uncle in Spain, who works in stocks.

Anyways, I like this product because it has 3 bank chargers with it and can multi - charge as well. It is always ready to run and hit the waters with a tad of speed, and it has never discharged in plain use or left us stranded. It is also one of the more common ones purchased, by those who can afford it for their boat. It costs about $850.