Which Car Window Is Cheapest Replacement?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

Which car window is the cheapest replacement? Great question. Efrain’s on it again! I’m on the case to solve this one, and I will let you know what I have found just below ….

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Now, then, the first thing that I would like to simply bring to your attention is the plain and simple fact of the matter here : The fact that the rear wind – shield is the cheapest to replace, in countless cases ( but this can also depend on car, severity of damage, auto – insurance carrier and so much more, so once again … there’s no “hard and fast, perfect rule every time” …. keep that in mind, guys …..

They say the front wind – shield, on the other hand, is the MOST expensive to replace, 7 times out of 10 … while, like I said, the rear one is the LEAST. Once you ( or your expert ) take out the wipers on that back wind – shield, it’s just a matter of pulling and removing. Many professionals hold the right prying tools to get such a job done and quickly ; they can do it without further damaging the current wind – shield as well ( which, even though you will not be keeping it, they can still re – cycle or re – use it for something else, he he eh he heh … so you can feel good about that ) .

Now some may disagree on which is the cheapest to replace, and in many cases ( like with older cars, some made before the 50’s, for instance ) , some might say that the front driver’s side window ( or even the front passenger’s ) is the cheapest to replace …. which is why I say it all depends. I still agree that in most modern cars, the back wind – shield is really the easiest ( and cheapest, yes ) to replace …. and keep in mind that it is slightly smaller, in many cases, than the front wind – shield itself …. not to mention easier to manipulate. You might pay anywhere of a starting fee of $100-300 ( sometimes even a little less, if the provider is not as well – known or is a 3rd – party expert ) to get it all done.

Now if it’s a rear window, like those back windows next to the passengers’ seats, the cost might float up to somewhere around $325 and up …. this is based on some Repair Pal estimates I have gotten in the past for such services. It was convenient that I could get a quote ahead of time, and all online. Anyways, I hope I’ve started another great topic of conversation or chat, and if so, please be sure to share this ….

Let’s get to talking and thinking more on this subject, guys. It’s so crucial to know these things.