Dirt Bike Stand

By Dirt - Bike Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Many dirt - bike stands in the world can fill your heart with but just an ounce of joy, happiness and a feeling of comfort ( and not only for you, but for that special dirt - bike you call your own, as well, he he he he heh ) . Let me start by sharing one, and if you like it ( and I can tell because I am fully psychic, reading your inner - mind, he he heh…. gotcha… no, seriously, but please keep reading ) , then I can share with you another, and perhaps, after that, yet another…. we will see how much time I have, not to mention room on this page, he he heh. So let us begin, shall we not?

First of all, Harbor Freight Tools, believe it or don’t, ACTUALLY SELLS this type of a stand…. in addition to the hundreds of things that they have got available for homes, patios, decks, storage units, garages, businesses, cars, and so much else. It is a literal miracle and a wonder how they can squeeze so much stuff into a single shop location, I sometimes ask myself….. but thank God they have dozens of stores and warehouses all over the USA. He he he he heh.

Now, with all of that just mentioned, I want to show you this dirt - bike stand right here, so look on —- Dirt Bike Stand - Save on Dirt Bike Stands at HFT

Yes, it’s sold straight by them and it is a quality one. I know since I own one. It will not fail. And $33 is a hell of a deal, straight from the dealer! I have seen these priced much, much, more higher…. and still not be as good in quality. So when I say it’s a deal, it’s a deal, and you better get on - board and take it if you want it! You won’t go wrong here. Now what else can I show? Well, let me back - up for just a second and tell you that this is a 5 - star dirt - bike stand…. nuff said. And look at the page itself, the link. It will show the cumulative review for it, as well as the number of positive reviews it has claimed. This little stand is popular and liked! You can tell….

It can take up to a 1,000 lbs. Yes, in direct weight, placed right on top of it. That’s a heck of a lot. Think of a TON. He heh. It’s a full ton, pretty much.

If you are more of an Amazon sort of buyer yourself, and prefer there, then check out this —- Amazon.com: Comie Motorcycle Racing Offroad Motocross Dirt Adjustable Bike Steel Lift Jack Stand (Red): Home & Kitchen

This one’s superb, too. All positive reviews have spoken! And it only takes like $50 to buy one. It’s made of a nice design as well.