Go Kart Buggie

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

I ask buggie - lovers everywhere to narrow down what they really want, all in all. Several have told me they want go kart buggies either by size, by brand, by both, or seater capacity or their ability to handle the terrain. You get every kind of response when you really stop to ask around, is it not funny? I think it is so. Today, let me talk about a few types of these buggies, to inform you just a bit more than you perhaps already know, my friends….

First of all, GO KARTS USA is a top - pick site that you can use to search for your buggie by these specific terms I mentioned… for instance, when you search by size, you quickly notice that the main sizes are usually 125, 150, 200, 300 or 1500…. of course there are others, not to mention the entire list of different kids version sizes that I have seen out there. Just try to memorize that entire size list and you will find yourself having the biggest headache of all time, he he he heh. So don’t bother. Just search by sizes offered on GO KARTS USA. Now when we come to look for go kart buggies by brand, then, that becomes a whole nother ball of wax, as we like to say…. and in fact, there are many brands out there, too, all of these shown on the GO KARTS USA site, respectively —- JOYNER, KANDI, CHALLENGER, BMS, BLAZER and so many others. The list really goes on, but for time’s sake, I will not! He heh…. you can look these up later or see them all at gokartsusa.com.

I like some of the rough - terrain buggies myself because they prove to me that they really are tough ; and I have tried some of them. They match rough terrain and rise to their challenge in doing so. One of the ones in this category that I REALLY like would be the Avenger Amphibious Off-Road Vehicle ( yes, that’s the official name…. don’t wear it out, he he he heh ) . It sells for just about $30K on the market, and if you save about $10K a year, you can get one in 3 years, just as my best friend did ( and he let me ride in it one time, which was, I have to say, so darn awesome, for lack of better words, he he he he heh ) . Why am I so nuts about this one? Well, me personally, I just like the look —- it feels like a true military vehicle, and being inside of it for a while gave me a feeling of status, I have to say. It was nice. And it rode firmly as it treaded the ground, really giving me a sense of security while inside…. and like I was in control, for once. This go kart buggie rocked my world that day.