Do ATVs Hold Their Value? ATV Depreciation and Resale Value

Author : Efrain Silva

Do ATVS hold their value? Great question. Let’s find out together….

Do ATVs Hold Their Value? ATV Depreciation and Resale Value

So first off, the very second you sign those papers and purchase your ATV (if there’s paperwork involved in your specific process, of course, which could vary), and it exits the lot, it starts to depreciate or lose value. If you want to get even more technical, it begins at the very nano - second in which you or someone else chooses to press right down on that throttle lever. But don’t worry….if you just bought it and are using it for the first time, you can still get plenty of use out of it. There is more to note, though….

Now, if it’s got a larger engine, such as a 400 + cc one, then the ATV — I’m afraid — will have been noted to have lost significant value (most of it, in fact) within the very first 12 months after the initial purchase. However, and on another note altogether, if the engine is smaller, such as one with a 250 cc or less, then the majority of its value will have been lost within those first couple of years (or even a max of around 3 years), so it depreciates a little more slowly than a brand - new 400 + cc engine ATV. Makes sense, right?

It is often suggested, to increase the lifespan of your ATV, to purchase it brand - spanking new. Put down no less than $10K for a high - quality new one, if you can. All these little factors add up. Also, make sure to disregard the typical, traditional KBB or Kelly Blue Book resale value you may see listed for each type of make or model as experts have noted that it’s not a fully reliable indicator (especially when we are thinking in terms of the overall worth of the used vehicle, should you be getting it used). Why? Well, that would be for none other than the fact that current live - market trends, among other factors, are not even considered by the KBB, and that’s brutal honesty we all need to hear, am I right?

Also, to add, mileage and condition are the two other pivotal factors that you ought to keep fresh in the back of your mind, at all times, when thinking about keeping a solid resale value. Although these two inevitably depreciate the product, regardless, you can still do your best to keep these two factors as best you can (keep mileage low, if not used too much, and keep its condition as primal as possible, even with wear and tear taken into account). Another thing you can consider is what some know as Remodel and Restore, or basically remodeling or restoring your ATV to make it as new and original as possible, thus intending to increase its original sale value.

You can put down some out - of - pocket cost, initially, such as through installing brand new tires or wheels and wheel frames….