Yamaha TTR 50

Find out more here!  The Yamaha TTR 50 is likely a dirt bike you’ve heard of in recent rumors, especially if you’ve already been pondering the notion of getting something fun and wild for your six year old son or daughter. And when it comes to it, there’s no better gift. Let’s have a look at the product…..

The brand name behind the product

But before assessing the Yamaha TTR 50, we have to first --- respectably --- pay some tribute to the superb company that sells it, going back to its roots for just a moment. Here, you will get a taste of its rich history and maybe learn a few things that can inspire you. So how did Yamaha start out?

Well, Yamaha Motor Company, Limited, the business’s full name, took flight back in Japan, in July of 1955 (more than 60 years ago) --- by its very first President and CEO, Mr. Genichi Kawakami. His first product released that year was a 125cc bike, that he called the YA1, which took third place in Mount Fuji’s Ascent Race the very same year. It was a great start to more successes to come, the very propelling event that got things into motion --- as many recall.

And since then, Yamaha has gone on to sell snowmobiles, boats, go-karts, swimming pools, generators and so many other diverse products. It has truly distinguished itself in every way imaginable. The organization currently holds more than 52,664 employees as of 2014. 

The product itself

The TTR 50 is an interesting one. First off, this kids’ dirt bikes comes with lots of great features that you should look for in any modern dirt bike, such as electric starting, drum brakes in the front and back of the bike, an inverted fork, and even a larger drive chain that serves for lower maintenance. It does not offer a kick starter, however.

For that last reason alone, many consumers have preferred the Honda CRF50 as an alternative since kids love to “kick start” things into gear. And it’ll provide them a sense of excitement and, of course, true thrill you can only get from starting things off with a bang. You can still push-start the TTR 50, though, but it’s just not the same feel --- so keep that in mind and don’t say we didn’t warn you….heh heh. 

But all kidding aside, for some parents and children, that factor alone’s a deal breaker. Others could care less. You decide…..

More you should know

But more great information on this dirt bike is just ahead. Keep reading. We’re going to spill a few more invaluable gems of information…..

This Yamaha dirt bike was released in 2005 - 2006, initially, and became a bit of a riveting sensation in its day; some still admire it today. Among looking at numerous online sources, I was able to note that the standard MSRP price listed for a used version of this dirt bike is currently set at appx. $1,699. So weigh that against your budget to see if it’ll hold.   

Also, this fine dirt bike gives you a compression ratio of 9.5:1 as well as full CDI ignition, along with constant-mesh 3-speed and an automatic clutch. For fuel delivery, it works with a Mikuni® VM11 carburetor. And to further add, it’s got bore & stroke dimensions of 36.0mm x 48.6mm. But that’s not all….you may even still be wondering about one of the most crucial components anyone can ask about in regards to a dirt bike ---- its engine stroke capability….  

So to answer that question I’m sure you’ve all been anxiously waiting to hear about, let me lay it out: This dirt bike does offer a 4-stroke engine, which is just about the best you can get in today’s age. Hopefully, though, they may design something even better within the next decade. But for that, only time can tell….    

Anyways, the engine has also got 2 valves and is 49cc air-cooled all around. But how about the seat height, now, which we haven’t covered either? Well, many have praised it for being Ultra-Low, a great featured benefit. It stands --- or should we say sits --- at only 21.9 inches up from the ground. And the Big YZ styling behind it certainly makes its case well, too --- all in all, this is one heck of a solid, comfortable, appealing seat for your child to sit in, offering him or her good balance and control. 

In addition, you’ll find the suspension on this bike to be quite advanced and as good as they could get for their time. The Monocross® rear end, as well as the inverted rear end, both offer stellar handling. The “Final Drive” function is quite robust, as well, providing a large chain cover that can offer the best of maximum protection together with minimal maintenance. If you cannot tell already, I’m in love with this product and am planning on my next purchase. My child will hopefully scream for joy…    

Final, concluding thoughts on all this

So you were curious to find out some good things on the Yamaha TTR 50 before buying it for your child, we hope this info. has certainly served as a great starting point for you. You were thirsty for some knowledge, and we like to think that we just dipped your feet in the Koolaid of knowledge for Yamaha and its bikes, especially this one. We now encourage you to continue to study up, all you can, on what a bike of this kind can do for your child ---- we believe he or she may enjoy it like nothing else. Just remember to remain the responsible parent that you are, knowing that you can put a damper on his or her maximum speed when needed, and all should go well. Thanks so much for taking the time to check out the Yamaha TTR 50, as well as a bit on the Yamaha company history and brand, and we hope to see you again next time!!!!