Red Fox Go Kart

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Red Fox, does that not just sound like a bad - ass name for a go kart seller or go kart? He heh, I bet you think it does, too ( kind of reminds me of Star Fox, from back in the day…. you ever play Star Fox 64 on the old N64 game system? Know what I’m talking about here, I hope? He heh ) . Now, Red Fox Power Sports is the business - brand that I am making great references to, here, guys…. check it for yourself —- here is their go karts page, where they show you every thing that they have to sell : Go Karts - redfoxpowersports

Pretty cool, no? You can tell that there is such a wide selection and that you can probably spend hours on hours just being there and carefully comparing every single little thing ( and perhaps even learning a thing or two, he heh heh ) . Now, though, I want to point out a few specific things that caught my eye, which you may or may not be missing. But when you can, take a careful, close look through their karts page once more and ask them any questions…. but for right now, let me give you the low - down on things and at least summarize some of my main take - aways, can I? Read this first, then, he he he heh heh…..

I promise not to bore you. Now, then. The first thing I totally LOVE about Red Fox is that they sell both gas - power and electric go karts. So you can take your first pick of all quarries, as some like to say ( ever hear the expression? If not, you’re too young to know, he he he he heh ) . With the gas go karts, they tend to categorize these by their CC power and capacity, offering anything from 80 CC, to 110 CC, to 125 CC, to 150 CC, to 200 CC…. and as a matter of fact, since I mention it, these 5 types actually happen to be the five types that they have the most of, and the five that hold tabs that you’d click on to see what there is. What is available for each type will depend on the season, how much stock there is, if any have fully sold - out ( some can sell - out faster than Superman flying through a cloud, so to speak, on a rainy day, he he he he heh… get the idea? ) .

I like to look at either the all - gas or all - electric go karts when I am on this search page I just showed you, but that is just me. You are free to look at whatever you please. I especially prefer all - electric myself, and if you’re the same, then just know it’s a bit pricier. Got the money for one? Save up some!