Sea-Doo Spark No Power

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

We have all had a ‘power outage’ at one time or another, but let us smell the roses and face the truth : One in the home is far more convenient and pleasant, to be quite honest, than one your water – craft, simply because it will not leave you stranded in the middle of open water with a machine that can not move due to loss of power or pressure, he heh. Though I would also hate to be caught in a rain storm without any power, at home, I would still be grateful I am at least at home and have access to resources ( like my phone, through which I can call Excel ; and my pantry full of food, etc ) . But anyways, when it happens, it happens —- and when your Sea – Doo Spark lacks the will to power on, or re – power on, whatever the case may be, it’s no fun….. so in this page, I want to tell you some things you might think about to help…….

And the first thing to think about is HOW bad is it? I mean, do you get no sparks, no beeps, no lights flashing at all? Or is it partial? Or does it come and go, losing power along the way? That is the first thing you need to figure out, friend, cause it’s what determines what you need to look into next and what your potential situation could actually be, all in all ( as well as how serious it is or could get to be ) . Now, of course, if you still get no power at all, then this is the worst – case scenario and you need to know that cleaning the battery terminals happens to be the main cause in this problem, in MOST cases ( though I am not saying it is what has happened to YOU… a dirty or blocked battery terminal, in which the signals can not get all the way to or from the torso of the battery, and when signals drop, power drops, as we know…. yet it COULD be your issue as, like I said, that is the most common one ) . Check ( and re – check, just to be on the safe side of things ) if your gauges will power up. If even those do not, then it’s another issue, most likely.

Make sure the battery is charged, too — when was the last time you charged it up? Also, the intake’s front has a gray plug with these Spark models, and they all look the same. Connect it to the harness. Make sure that it is STILL properly connected there and has not fallen UNDER the manifold, which can happen at times. The next thing that you can check are your 3 ( yes, I said 3 ) motor grounds, and these are found on the very front of your motor.