Best Electric Go Kart

It is hard to pin – point a “best of the best” since new models come out every day, and they always seem to have certain pros that others do not offer. No go kart is perfect, either. But regardless of that, I am about to tell you what I personally think is the best one, all in all …. of all the ones I have tried and fallen in love with. This following ‘top fave’ of mine is one that I still drool over and see in magazines, youtube videos, some race tracks and so much more. Are you dying to know which one it is that I have chosen as the best electric go kart? Well, drum – roll, please ….. I am about to tell you in my next paragraph ( so keep reading ) ….

I think the best one is the BSR ( aka BLUE SHOCK RACE, he he he h eheh he heh ) 2.0 for adults. You can see it here when you have some time : Electric karts - Blue Shock Race Electric karts

I picked this one out above the rest simply because it has sold thousands of units, and the reviews by the customers have not failed to live up to excellence. People have given, with so much precise and pristine detail, just about every single reason for why they like this electric go kart and why it has given them value. For some, as some reviews have even said on places like Amazon, they literally get out of bed to drive this go kart … first thing in the morning! In their PJs, even … some just simply dream ( and drool, he he he heh heh ) about the thrill, even the very thought, of being able to start their days behind the wheel of this highly modern, deluxe ( 4 – 5 mm body of ABS ) , electric go kart.

In overall steering wheel diameter, you get 300 x 320 mm, which is suitable for most adults to work with comfortably. Not only that, but you also get to adjust the power as needed ( for each and every single track you switch to, for instance, especially on those long – circuit races, where this feature can come in the most handy ) . You also get a ( 30 x 1000 – mm ) rear axle that both looks and feels nice on each ride. To top it all off, you get quality multi – sensors for both braking and even over – heating.