How fast is a 200cc go-kart?

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

This is a good question and it is about time that more and more people rose up to ask it, he he he heh… so I am glad that you are now, folks, and that I can talk all about it. Let me, and I will talk your ears off til the end of the week! But to save you some time, as I know you have other things to do, as well, let me be brief but cover some ground as best I can…. so let’s jump into the topic in…. 3…. 2….. 1!!!!!! GO!

So first of all, I would like to point things out as they are and not sugar - coat, my first main nugget of truth that I will throw at you, hard and fast, being this — IT DEPENDS ON THE ENGINE TYPE THAT YOU HAVE with your co - kart. Yes, of course, it can be a 200 cc…. but that is not necessarily what I am referring to here, my good friends ; what I mean, to be even more blunt and thorough with you, is, for example, IS IT A 4 - STROKE ENGINE? OR IS IT A 2 - STROKE ENGINE? See what I mean? This can make all the difference and it does and now we are going to look at why for just a minute. So hang on tight and don’t get up… sit down to read til’ the end, he he he heh. And THEN you can get up and reward yourself with a snack…. sound like a plan?

Now, then, anyways, 2 - strokers usually go up to 100… or 120, max, in terms of mileage per hour ( mph, in other words ) . But as for the 4 - strokers, these can get to the very top of their speed at about 75 mph. So there you have it on that. Always ask if your 200 cc go kart is with a 2 - stroke engine or a 4 - stroke one. Simple enough to remember, right? They may not have such details labeled on them, depending on where or in what condition they came in when you made the buy, but in most cases, either way, you can ask a shop or the seller to tell you. They will likely know which type of engine it has on it and perhaps even when it was last put on.

A 2-stroke engine, for certain applications or settings, is really my fave of the two and here’s the reason I say that : it’s more simplistic all in all and has only two places, really, where that piston can go. Keep it simple. I like to do that myself…. simple life, best life. Ever heard those words before? Can’t recall where I heard them, but they are catchy ( and true ) . Anyways, thanks for reading every word here. I hope it has helped!