Can you die from go karting?

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

This is the question that some of us, or perhaps few of us, have ever asked…. mainly as children ( but sometimes as adults, as well, he he he heh, or at least out of safe regard for our own children, we could say ) : Can a person actually lose their life from riding a go kart around? Now let us take a look at a few considerations that I think are well worth borrowing your eye - balls for these next 5 minutes ( yes, let me borrow them…. or give them here, to my blog post on this page, for the next 5 minutes…. it’s worth your attention, pretty please…. ) .

First of all, certain upgrades can be made to certain go karts to make these go a bit quicker than the usual 15 - 30 mph basic ones that you see in places with public go kart racing and tracks…. but by the way, speaking of which, some of these places actually make you sign a waiver ( I have known few that did not, now that I think about it ) which basically states that they are not responsible in any way, shape, degree, form, or extent ( he he heh ) in the “likely” or “unlikely” event that something should happen to you while on the go kart track. So do always remember this, and feel free to ride / drive at your very own mature risk, or otherwise kindly do not. But at least they offer the choice, he he he heh. You pick which of the two you want to stick with.

In certain of these places, mainly the adult go kart race tracks and indoor fun circuits ( which usually require that you be at least 18 years of age or older, not a minor ) , these go karts DO go a bit faster…. and some can really get up there, with speeds at like 75 miles per hour ( I am not kidding you here, cross my heart and hope to die, he he heh heh, as the saying goes… totally honest with you ) or even 120 miles per hour ( if you happen to be using a go kart with a sick 2 - stroke engine and 200 in cc capacity ) . Now given the nature of such high speeds when used in karting, in certain cases, of course there is always the risk of severe impact leading to death, fast speeds leading to a heart attack or a stroke, a break - down of the engine or possible even combustion of something on the inside ( very rare ) . All these issues are potentially deadly, though, thanks to modern safety standards, and a properly trained kart staff that knows what to do in any given situation ( as they are required to be, in many places ) , such casualties can be minimized.