Is It Better To Replace Or Fix Windshield?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

Here is the age – old question as some like to call it : Is it better to replace or fix my wind - shield? I will tell you the answer plainly ( but you have to promise to read every word of this blog to know … ) ….

Now then, it all depends on the kind of damage that the wind – shield has taken and the way it affects ( or does not affect ) your very ability to see the road in front of you ( through the wind – shield glass, of course ) and your overall safety. Makes sense, no? After all, it is all about you being safe and well in the driver’s seat ( and your passengers being no less protected and secured of course ) . If the wind – shield has taken extensive damage in the form of hail, then nine times out of ten, your auto – insurance provider will tell you that it is best to have an expert who will swap out the whole thing for you ( and in most cases, hail damage is one of the most basic coverages offered by all auto – insurance providers, so you will not be charged another cent for any work done in the entire process … I have very basic State Farm insurance that includes this at no extra cost, which is super – convenient ) .

Hail is just a tough thing to undo —- it can ruin entire paint jobs, dent your windows and glass and cause irreparable damage. It leaves large marks the size of golf balls ( depending on how big the hail was, to begin with …. and here in California, where I live, it can get pretty massive on the most rainy or even snowy of days ) . Hail damage can’t really be “un - done” or repaired, which is why your auto experts will tell you it’s best to just put a new wind – shield on there and be safe. Now of course, if the damage to the wind – shield is super minor ( and we’re talking just 1 or 2 barely – visible scratches on the side or corners on the wind – shield, not in the center or impeding your general LOS ( line of sight ) , then it’s okay to get a wind – shield repair instead.

In this case, you can either buy a gel or paste that you can apply to that area to help minimize the visibility of the scratch mark ( or other type of mark ) . Or you can hire a pro to apply it for you, and chisel out a few areas around the crack or such ( in a way that removes the visibility and extent of harm of the crack, scratch, etc ) . Keep in mind you may need to pay for labor costs, depending on how long it takes to get the job done ( labor is around $100 and upwards, per hour ) .