Sea-Doo Spark Sport Mode

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Room, room, room ( or is it ‘vroom, vroom, vroom’?…. everyone seems to have their own unique opinion on what it actually sounds like, he he he heh ) . Hear that Spark cranking up and kicking butt on the water…. hear it in sport mode. He heh. Are you having the time of your life? You live but once!

Anyways, perhaps you are wondering a bit more about sport mode and wish to know all that you can. If so, you’re lucky. Why? Well, cause that’s what I’m talking about here and now! Read on further…

First off, if you get a 90 – HP engine on your Spark, then that is the best ( and some say ‘only ) way to engage this great sport mode. More responsive and, all in all, ‘intuitive’, fun, is what this special mode claims to be all about — I have engaged it and can concur with its stated abilities. It is a great and fun mode to be in, though not all the time…. you do need to mix it up every now and then, right? Now, on to the most important and pressing question of all time ( or at least of right now, which I know you are aching to ask me about, he heh, as I can feel it in my spirit ) : How do you even get into sport mode in the first place?

Well, for that, it is really, really easy — you see that central button that is housed right under your main cluster? Well, it is there for a reason, and more than one, I should say…. but for engaging sport mode, all that you have to do is press it right on down for no less than 3 seconds ( count them in your head if it helps…. uno, dos, tres! ) . It kicks into gear what many call ‘all - acceleration performance’, the true purpose of sport mode, he heh. And yes, it is EXACTLY what it sounds like. Cool, right?

And you get a far more, how should I say it, aggressive, sort of throttle response when you are in this mode. This is all made possible, a dream into a reality, so to speak, by the one and only iTC™ system of control, which has been built – in and with your needs in mind. It stands for, in case you were dying to know, Intelligent Throttle Control. Think of it as like a “Smart” system but on your water – craft, this time ( instead of, as usual, on your smart - phone, your home thermostat, your car, etc. ) .

We hope that you will at least try this sport mode once, if not twice — it is really neat and gives you more of your bang for buck, as we like to say around here. Until next time, keep it cool. Thanks for reading!