Do I Need To Recalibrate Camera After Windshield Replacement?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

The answer is yes. You do need to re – calibrate ( just for safety and accuracy, of course ) after every time that you replace your wind – shield on your car. It’s a true fact. And it can’t hurt you to re – calibrate. I know many people get lazy with the whole notion of having to stop and take the time to re – calibrate, but at the end of the day ( like I like to say ) , if it’s about your safety and security, then there is nothing that is “too much” that you can do. It’s best to “over - prepare” and re – calibrate, just to be safe. After all, there are hundreds of collisions on our roads and free – ways every single year, and your best line of defense is proper preparation and anticipation ( which having a wind – shield camera that is properly calibrated to detect oncoming traffic and other elements can help you do ) .

But if you are not sure how to do the re – calibration on your own, then do not try to do it by yourself and instead ask an expert. Bring your car in to Safelite Auto Glass or some similar service provider that specializes in calibrations / re – calibrations. They know exactly how to program certain types of cameras and leave them in the perfect setting ( so that they do not “un - calibrate” by themselves the following week, etc ) . These kinds of providers, especially when they hold a top reputation in the customer’s eyes ( those like Safelite Auto Glass, for instance ) have worked with dozens of different wind – shield cams and know how to perfectly set things up just right, and the best part is this : It will ( usually ) not take up your entire day to do.

The process is really easy and quick, especially when you have got an expert at your side, doing the job from start to finish. Plus, wind – shield cams and safety glass are their specialty. So you can know you’re in the right hands with such a provider ( go with Safelite ) . It usually takes an hour or even less, if what you want to get is just a basic “dynamic calibration / dynamic re - calibration” ( in which Safelite will go in there and re – calibrate the whole system for detection of a set speed on certain well – marked roads ) .

But if you seek to go even more ‘advanced’ and target a very specific type of target – fixture image onto your vehicle ( assessing the space in front of it, and all other factors ) , they can do this for you as well. This extra service they call their “static calibration / static re – calibration”. Keep all this in mind. I hope it has helped.