Sea-Doo Spark Vs Trixx

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

This page is for you, in case you were wanting to read a match – up between the two. My thoughts are with you ( and this page, too, he heh ) . Read it again if you can! But before that, of course, read it slowly the first time… read on, now, as I share my first thought with you guys…..

The first thought on my mind is the simple truth that there IS a difference between the Spark Trixx and the basic Spark, both great Sea – Doo products. The biggest hurdle in differences, of course, is that, like the name ( Trixx ) , the Trixx line water – crafts are able to do a whole hell of a lot more tricks than the Spark ever could, so to speak…. they are ‘tricked out with tricks’ if you have ever heard that sick expression before. We use it a lot in skate – boarder culture over here where I am from, but anyways, the upgrade package that comes included with the Trixx is what can make all this possible in the first place. You get a Variable Trim System or VTS that offers not only basic but more “Extended Range” than what the usual Spark can offer, so that already alone is a step – up! But there is some more to behold, too….

Also, to add, you get extra step wedges offered to you and not only that — but also, and get this — handle bars that are FULLY adjustable, he he heh. Neat, eh? Let me put yet a bigger smile on your face all at the same time, as UNIQUE colors and graphics that you can only seem to get available through the Trixx vehicles. Talk about taking it up YET another step! Yet the hull and the engine remain the same so do keep that in mind…. these two different kind of water – craft vehicles are still of the same kin, after all, coming from the same family, though they have their differences ( think of them as close cousins, he heh ) .

I personally like the Trixx much better for all of the added features and benefits that I have briefly stated to you here, and especially for that VTS. Let me get a chance to tell you just a little bit more on it, since we’re here —- first of all, it works with specially pre – set positions and thus allows you to better and more easily adjust the trim by simply pushing down on a little button, which can then easily alter your bow as you ride right through ( either raising it or lowering it, in turn, as you want ) . But still, if you are more old – school and up for the classics, instead, then the regular Spark might instead be YOUR cup of tea. Either way, I think these are both some great models, though I prefer the Trixx myself.