Go Kart Battery

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Let’s talk the battery talk, as I like to call it… if you have been subscribed or following some of my reads for some time now, guys, then you will know that, from time to time, I do indeed like to talk about batteries ( golf - kart batteries, go kart batteries, jet - ski batteries, snow - mobile battery, ATV batteries, RTV batteries, car batteries, motor - cycle batteries, dirt - bike batteries, etc…. I think you got the point now ) . So this time, it’s for go kart batteries! Buckle up…. this ride of a read ( he heh…. like what I did right there? Read it one more time, just for fun, why don’t ya? ) is going to get bumpy but going to be fun, not to mention educational, every step of the way. So here I go, and hang on tight with me!!!!!

First of all, places like BatterySharks sell such batteries and can make them for all sorts of uses and durations, just as you might need. Think variety. They have got it there. Now, then, they sell replacement batteries just for go karts in a unique way…. when you get these from them, they will last at least 3 - 5 years, and I have had a couple that have lasted me for even longer, he heh…. which really shows that these people not only know how to make or mass - produce you a battery but they also know how to make it last long for you. Two birds…. one stone….. boom, dead. He heh.

If you want a serious battery for this, you can go to any NAPA AUTO PARTS, CHECKER AUTO PARTS, O’ REILLY AUTO PARTS, ADVANCE AUTO PARTS, AUTO ZONE or even Walmart’s AUTO SECTION ( forget about this last option, sometimes, he he he heh… but it is still there if you want to try it. Walmart has, as a matter of fact, saved my butt a couple of times when I was looking for a good battery for my go kart and another for my car, he he he heh ) . This method works okay, and the sales experts can tell you which of their batteries work with which capabilities of go karts and how well they run on them. The alternative, of course, as I always try to show one to you, would be to buy from the main go kart battery brands themselves ( which is a little better, batteries made specifically for go karts, and by brands that know their go karts like the back of their hand, ha hah ) .

With these, I am talking about brand makers like the Carter Brothers, Baja, Dazon, GCK, Manco and countless others that pop to mind. You have heard of some, haven’t you? Jog your memory a bit. I hope you invest in not just any “eco - battery”, which are cheap, but that you get something quality - like.