Best Electric Racing Go Karts For Adults

Let’s have a quick look at some of the top choices around in our day, and maybe, you can battle that internal urge to have to have all of them, he he he he heh …. a natural impulse many of us have. Maybe, when all is said and done here, you will be able to discipline yourself and be able to just pick one ( as hard as that may seem, even ) …. whichever one you decide is your match. Now, then, the first one that I would like you to notice on my short list would be the one and only BSR Racing Kart Pro, which shoots up to its top speed ( of 135 kilometers per hour, by the way ) in just seconds. In 3.3 seconds alone, it can already blast its way up to around 100 kilometers …. talk about fast, eh?

Its brush – less motor, on another note, is also quite powerful… blowing users away, with its full 25 kW capacity. Another one I consider the best electric racing go kart for any adult would be the one and only OTL Storm EFD, which — get this — gets a nice top speed of 45 miles per hour ( sounds better than the usual 15 – 30 mile per hour top speeds that many get, does it not? I’m already sold, ha hah ) . Its electric motor is also one of the best…. it can do 48 V, 4 kW. Many like its red – and – black design, as well, which many adults feel is nicely “adult colored and adult themed” in a cool way. This definitely looks and feels like ( because it is ) an adult go kart made for racing around and kicking the wind into your hair, he he he he heh.

Now when it comes to something that can hit that top speed range, right around 40 miles per hour ( just slightly less but with a bit more traction and control maneuverability choices, at the end of the day ) , then buckle up and drive away with the one and only RiMO SiNUS iON…. which, yes, you guessed it …. would be my third top pick. It’s got a dual motor of 2.8 kW and can engage countless electronic differentials ( on both its internals and your onboard panel ) all at once…. talk about style. This one’s a go kart you can speed away with in seconds … looking classier than ever.