Is Go Karting Worth It?

Go karting is worth it for so many reasons, my friend, and you should stick around just to hear what I have to say below……

First of all, unspeakably ( and yes, even somewhat addicting ) fun is behind it all. That is my personal number 1 reason for go karting, and I will always use this as my very first reason for why it’s worth it. I am sure you have played Mario Kart before ( or some version of it, or something similar, perhaps ) and you might recall how thrilling it is to race past the other drivers and come in first place…. feeling like you have the freedom to “speed your problems away” at least for a few hours. Well, when you go kart, you get that same amazing rush addiction feeling but you can actually feel it all across your body ( and not just across the fingers of your remote control, he he heh heh heh ) …. see yourself actually pass that other driver, feel the wind in your hair, get out for a change, and have some fun that no one will stop you for.

When you go kart, you also choose to be part of a bigger community ( whether you know it or not, and yes, whether you like it or not ) of people who share both the same goal and the same mind…. or at the very least, the same interest. You can make new friends, re – kindle your friendships with old ones, get outside and feel great all at the very same time. Go karting also teaches you a thing or two about cause and effect, maneuvering and traction, and even hand – to – eye coordination ( even in a more surreal setting that a live video – game ever could, when you stop and think about it, he he he he he heh ) . And you get to hear actual kart engines rev up ( in some cases ) !

Over time, you will become more sharp and focused ( especially as you make those timed corner maneuvers with the most perfect precision ) . And you can tell your jock friends, for once, that you actually DO have a sporty hobby. Rub it in their faces. Why not?

You could also get to learn about different cc capacity engines like the 250, the 400, etc. If you ever need to swap one, you could learn as a hobby. It’ll teach about engines in general, too. Why not learn some stuff?