Ski-Doo Quick Clickers

By Ski – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

When we say quick clickers, we say unique adjusting mechanism units that are made precisely to replace various stock – locking nuts on your Ski – Doos, all in all. Of course. What did you think we were talking about? He heh.

Now, then, what I like about Quick Clickers is that they are an originally manufactured, distinct product unlike anything else that you can use with any Ski – Doo. They are fully patented, well – warranted, and offer superb value, a promise from Between the Lines Designs ( and perhaps from other distributors who are able to sell them, as a result ) . These top – of the – line Quick Clickers fall under PATENT # 7726927, which, when you see that listed along with your sale, you will know you are getting the ORIGINALS, the true deal, he heh. You are not getting a copy or a gimmick, in other words. And I am true to my word on this…. so always try to look for the original patent on it. It should be on the design, on the product seal, or somewhere nearby on there…. you just got to look for it.

Rapid RPM adjusting is what you get with Quick Clickers ; it’s the product’s number one specialty and its sole promise to you. Any Ski – Doo TRA series clicker – bolts are ideal for it. In fact, they are what it does best.

We’re talking about clutch bolts on the centri – fuge, of course. You can change your speed and even max out your HP output, all in all, by having these Quick Clickers. So have I convinced you yet? He heh… if not, we are getting there, still.

Now, what else to note? You’ll be glad to hear that this product, in its original ( with patent and all, like I noted to you before ) , sells at around $40. So if you see it selling for way higher than that, then you may find yourself as the perfect victim for the next scam. It should not be selling way higher unless the seller is just a cheap fraudster. Anyways, the SKU for these Quick Clickers is also SKU 1101-QC, so punch that in. Hit search. Easy, peazy!

All it takes is, really, a few brief seconds for you to pick the clicker pose that you want ( or position, in other words, he he heh ) and just push down on those clickers to then move them to the location you want them in. Like 1 – 2- 3! Easy.

They are spring – loaded the proper way…. the makers ensured this. Also, they can easily adapt as snowy weather, elevation or even overall temp changes can start to occur. They adjust as needed.

If they were a person, I’d kiss them and marry them! They’ve brought me a world of joy. They’re super useful, handy to have, and unbelievably affordable for what you’re getting. Why didn’t I buy sooner?