Toyota 2000Gt

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

This is a very, very, very limited sort of a car ( and even more so than the DeLorean that I have talked to you on in other pages, he he he heh ) —- in fact, they say that VERY few of these ever came out to the public. And check out this next true fact —- that out of these few, only SIXTY – TWO of them came to the USA. Wowzers! That is right. Talk about a limited production. And as you can imagine, getting your hands on one is next a cheap thing to do at all. Many never have and never will, to say the least.

I have seen that some online auctions, in very rare and tracked instances, have offered this special car model for sale…. with the bids starting at —- GET THIS —- $500 K at the very lowest! Yup, that is the starting bid. Yikes. Must at least be half – rich to even think about owning a ride like this one, eh? I think so!

There was even a bid back in 2013 in which this car STARTED AT $1.2 MILLION. And I’m sure it ended up selling for a lot higher, when things were said and done. I can imagine that it did not stay at that price for long but only escalated.

Rear – wheel – drive : that is what it is, in case you were itching to know…. as I was. It’s got two seats surrounded by two doors. So yes, it’s a simple one. 2 is the way to go! This 2 – door, 2 – seater is astounding to look at, no less, with its sporty yet touristic look / feel. You can’t miss it. If you look online for one, or google to see its image, you will many times see one in white displayed across the search image pages. The white version of this car was super elegant and classy, to say only the very least ( major under – statement, I will not lie, he he he heh ) , and it was, some say, the color that sold most for this car. Most people, at least, went with white, starting out. It came out from 1967 to 1970 and get this —- EXACTLY 351 WERE PRODUCED. Ouch. So very few people on this earth will ever have such a limited, rare pleasure.

It was assembled in Japan, the main designer being none other than Mr. Jiro Kono. And this car competed for attention, not to mention wallets, of course…. anyone with enough money to spend, and enough luck ( as it takes a bit of luck, too ) , being able to buy one. If I recall, this car was seen in one very old spy movie ; the name escapes me ( it might have been one of the old Roger Moore 007 James Bond movies, if memory serves me ) .