Yamaha EX Limited

Meta: Water rides are even more fun with the all-new Yamaha EX Limited. Check out the specifications now.

Recreational water rides and water sports are, in short, enjoyable. Be it tow sporting or racing, the excitement is real. But to make your dreams of water sports come true, you need to get your hands on a supreme quality jet ski. And what can be a better name other than Yamaha EX Limited while we speak of superiority?

This particular jet ski is one of the finest personal watercraft so far. Since the brand Yamaha, so far, has gathered a reputation in this field, we may expect every product of the brand to be of premium quality. Likewise, the Yamaha EX Limited has introduced so many excellent specifications that you can not help falling in love with it. Let us know a bit more.

Yamaha EX Limited: An overview

We already know that the Yamaha EX Limited has brought some excellent features and specifications to us. But you must have understood that no product that you purchase will be flawless. Similarly, Yamaha EX Limited has some flaws or cons as well. So, let us know all its features, pros, and cons for a better insight.


The Yamaha EX Limited has brought to us one of the most robust engines ever in the market. Riders across the globe have appreciated its smooth performance and have claimed it to be among the best ones.

The most anticipated TR-1 three-cylinder marine engine is here for you to provide the best boarding experiences ever! This specific watercraft comes equipped with a TR-1 four-stroke marine engine. Besides, the manufacturer has claimed the engine to be 40% smaller and 20% lighter than the previous models.

Additionally, the engine has been appreciated for its excellent fuel economy as well. Its fair fuel consumption will never let you be disappointed.

RIDE system:

This element of the Yamaha EX Limited has been praised the most. The RIDE framework represents Reverse with Intuitive Deceleration Electronics system. This element empowers the rider to control the PWC even more. The speedy, responsive dominance over the watercraft has been brought to the riders by the progressive RiDE® framework.

What’s more, trust me, dealing with this system is really simple! It has changed the control to another level. Just pull the switch on the left side to slow down or reverse. Also, on the right-hand side, pull the switch to speed up. Isn’t that pretty simple?

Hull and deck:

The impressive Hull and deck design of the Yamaha EX Limited is the next feature on our list. The hull of the EX Limited model has been designed carefully to be lightweight yet rigid. And we must say, it has done justice to every prescribed characteristic.

The lightweight SMC hull provides much stability to the PWC. For excellent maneuverability, handling and comfort, the jet ski has introduced V-Hull with Integrated Bow Spray Guard. Also, the sponson design of the deck has provided straight-line ease and comfort along with a fantastic two and three-up riding experience.


The Yamaha EX Limited model has additionally added the comfort factor here. This model has acquainted us with cozy and ergonomically planned seating. It is large enough for a single-person ride. Indeed, even the seat is sufficient to help a ride with two travelers. The seat is precisely sewn and accompanies a top-notch ease level that you may believe is made just for you.


You are more likely to be stressed, for the essential items you take on board can be wet while riding. Fortunately, this issue has been settled by the manufacturers of this particular jet ski. They have added an enormous dry chamber or a storage area under the lift-up seat. Along these lines, you can serenely keep all your things with you ready.

It is not over yet! There’s something else entirely to it. The watercraft has likewise incorporated a glove box that is sufficiently enormous to hold some different materials, like your towel, some piece of clothing, and some different things like that.

LCD panel:

The incredible multifunctional LCD board is one of the most hyped features of the Yamaha EX Limited cockpit. This component can not be anticipated at this much moderate price. Most other personal watercraft of the market have presented this specification at a much higher financial plan. Yet, with Yamaha EX Limited, you are permitted to use the LCD panel for the speedometer, tachometer, and the hour run alongside the fuel limit. Isn’t it stunning?




How fast is a Yamaha ex-limited?

Since the Yamaha EX Limited is undoubtedly a worthy watercraft, you can expect a good pace and excellent acceleration from it. It can go as fast as 51.1 mph. The grace of its excellent engine accomplishes all.

How long do jet ski engines last?

A four-stroke engine will probably last for 350 hours. On the other hand, the two-stroke ones can take as long as 150 hours. Most Yamaha models give an assurance on motors of newly purchased Personal Watercraft of 175 hours of activity or 30 months.

What are high hours on a jet ski?

On an average calculation, 30 hours a year is enough for a jet ski. Anything more than that is considered to be high hours.

Final thoughts:

Yamaha, ever since its debut, has been considered one of the trustworthy brands. Every single product from their manufacturers is bound to be excellent. And likewise, the Yamaha EX Limited model has brought to us some fantastic specifications that have already attracted a huge fan following. However, there are some cons for sure. But looking at all the other exciting features and the affordable price tag, one might consider the disadvantages negligible. So, try it and give it your best shot! Good luck.