What Spark Plugs Give You More Horsepower?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

In the following few moments, I will address just a few great modern spark – plugs that are known publicly for their amazing ability to up your horse – power ( even if just drastically ) . So please stick around. I have some ground to cover ….

Let’s get started, folks! Read on ….

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The first spark – plug I would like to call to your attention would be this one right here : Amazon.com: Bosch Automotive FR6KPP332S OE Fine Wire Double Platinum Spark Plug - Pack of 10 : Automotive

They are known as the Bosch Automotive (FR6KPP332S) OE Fine Wire Double Platinum Spark Plugs ( long name, right? I do agree … ) ….

The cool thing about them, first of all, is that they can come in a full pack of 10 ( and for just under $80 …. the deal of the century right there, he he he he heh ) . You can also get a single one or a 4 – pack on that same link. The firing pin is made of quality – like double platinum and is both rough and firm, yet shiny and metallic – like ( in a visually attractive way, just like a nice, glossy pen …. which I love, he he he he ehh heh heh ) .

Yes, so now you know that the core material is composed of platinum, but have you guessed yet what the top material might be made of ( in other words, the head piece, right up at the top of the product ) ? If you guessed nickel, then pat yourself on the back because that’s the right answer, ha ha hah ( and of course, if I were right there with you, in person, when you guessed it …. I would personally hand you a nickel, he heh, as well as a “good job” ) ….

These are proven, as many have stated online, to give you some of the best horse – power increased potential, all around. It’s a fact. Plus they also come with their one and only “FIVE - YEAR PERFORMANCE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE” ( which means, in short, that if the horse – power is not as up to par as you expected, anywhere within those five years of using it, then you can return the product for your money back ) . The fine wire design on these spark – plugs certainly helps attribute to the overall horse – power quality, too, at the end of the day. Plus, it helps the ignition to go a whole lot smoother ( especially on colder months, like the freezing beginning of February, for instance …. you need an extra ‘umph’ to bring on the power ) .