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Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese-based corporation that specializes in the manufacturing of automobiles, from cars to motorcycles. Based in Minami-ki, Hamamatsu, Suzuki has over forty-five thousand employees who range over 35 stores in 23 countries. In just 2014, it was believed that Suzuki Motors was firmly in ninth position for being the biggest automaker worldwide. Not only this, but Suzuki Motor Corporation was ranked fourth on a list of companies with the most automobile sales, falling right behind Honda. Below, you can find a comprehensive guide about Suzuki cars.

Suzuki Cars in the US

You may have heard about Suzuki cars in the US lately, because they stopped car sales across the nation. While this may provide you with a negative image of the corporation, their discontinuance is not a reflection of the quality of these cars aSuzuki Carsnd engines. It happens to the best of companies: one day they’re doing wonderfully and the next, they’re simply not. Essentially, Suzuki was not selling enough cars in the US. But don’t worry – Suzuki is not the only one to have done so; in fact, ten brands have stopped car sales in the US since the turn of this century. In 2009, the company’s sales dropped by 48.5 percent.

Suzuki Cars and Volkswagen

Suzuki has also made the news for its failed deal with Volkswagen, a German automobile manufacturing company. Ultimately, Suzuki won, and Volkswagen was forced to sell 20% stake in the company, which was valued at nearly four billion dollars. Since the ordeal, the chairman of Suzuki, Osamu Suzuki, claims that independence will be an absolute “must” for any deals that the corporation will be making in the future.

Suzuki Company

The company was first created by Michio Suzuki; though, it is now run by his fourth adopted son-in-law, Osamu Suzuki. Though it started out as a simple Loom manufacturing company, it quickly developed into one of the top-ranked automobile manufacturers in the world.

Deal with GM

In 1985, Suzuki cracked a deal with General Motors, which allowed the corporation to sell the Suzuki Cultus as the Chevrolet Sprint. This car was a generally known as a three-door hatchback. The Cultus also happens to be Suzuki’s smallest model.

In the same year, the Samurai was introduced to America. This car was extremely versatile, in the sense that it could be bought as a convertible or a hardtop. The company slogan at this time was, “Never a dull moment”.

Every one knows Suzuki Cars

If you pass anyone on the street and ask them about Suzuki, that person will generally know what the company is. Suzuki Motor Corporation is renowned for the intense quality of its engines, and for the efficiency of the manufactured vehicles in general. While it started out as a Loom manufacturing company, it has since developed into an intensely successful automobile manufacturer. Whether it’s cars, motorcycles, or outboard motors, Suzuki has your back. Simply refer to your local dealer or manufacturer to find out more information about which models are available to you so that you’re able to make the best out of your life.

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