Best Ski-Doo Trail Gloves

By Ski – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

For trail riding, I really like the way that these ones work —- Ski-Doo X-Team Nylon Gloves Breathable Insulated Waterproof Snowmobile (

They give off the best vibes, but most vital of all, they actually work and hold well, even when I’m hitting those trails pretty frickin’ fast, he he he heh. They are fully – insulated in an effort to make your hands stay nice and warm ( in fact, they can even sweat a bit on the inside, which can help, as you make fast maneuvers, hold tight grips, and do so much other great stuff ) . Plus, they are labeled as agua - proof, he heh…. I mean, water – proof, forgive my Spanish. But I did keep your attention there for a sec, ha ha.

But also, they’re for snow – cross as their seller states and can be used in such a rich variety of functions, places, applications, etc. Do you like red, black, or sunburst yellow? I personally like sunburst yellow, for these specifically, though if you know me, you will know that I usually opt for a black color with most other things. But the yellow on this is nice and bright, and happy, a really shiny and up – beat color that I really like…. and in fact, it reminds me of the queen bees that live in a hive near my home, and of the rich and tasty honey that they can make during the hot seasons, he he he heh. To each his own, right? At least that’s what they say.

And did you know that the 2 main sizes offered here for it are so interesting? What I mean is that, if you have tiny hands, or on the other hand, super large ones, these gloves can suit you…. just make sure to get the right size ( Small and X – Large are listed ) . What is interesting is that there seems to be no medium, or even regular large, size…. hmm. It makes me wonder.

The stay – dry lining it promotes really does work, even when, like I said, my hands should tend to sweat. I do have sweaty palms, naturally, and I know some other people are this way as well…. but for that, this works nicely and, as I noted, keeps my hands warm on the inside in place of excessive sweating and heat loss, he heh, a whole different problem that would happen with other, less – capable trail gloves, I will say.

I mentioned water – proof but let me add to that wind – proof. It’s true. The sellers mention it. But not only that, the gloves are nice and breathable, on top of it all. So sounds like a good sell to me, right? I thought so and bought some, never disappointed with my purchase. Ski – Doo rules! I hope to be buying from them for many more experiences to come. Thanks for reading.