Sodi 2Drive

This dream racer that likes to call itself the SODI 2DRIVE is right up your alley, folks, if you like go karts and picking up new styles every time. This modern, elegant, electric 2 – seater is great for when you want to take along a friend anywhere ( your indoor race track, the mountains for off – roading if it’s allowed in your district, and more ) . If you like being able to work inside of a comfortable, easy to use APM – 1D system ( for your floor pedals, of course ), then the SODI 2DRIVE is made for you. It’s got just that and a whole lot more, like options for fiddling with the distance from the pedals to your seat, to the floor and so much else. If you are a much taller person, like perhaps 6’ foot, 1 inches, or such, then it should even be no problem at all either … adjusting things to your height for more leg space and greater room.

Make sure that those pedals are right where you want them ( and not a single inch more or less, he he he he hheh ) . And for safety, the next thing I know you might be wondering about ( safety is everything, right? At least, so they say, out there …. ) , you get the best of the best, too …. with a nice, 3 – point system of harnessing that locks into place so that you do not have to lift a finger. It’s all automatic and locks in perfectly, adjusting to your space accordingly. It will not over – tighten its squeeze on you, nor will it come on as “too loose” … but it works within your relative ‘body space’ so to speak ( in other words, how much room you happen to take up in your seat, he he he heh heh, whether you are a smaller person or a bigger one, respectively ) and adjusts accordingly, for a good, firm ( but not too firm, like I said ) strap – on. You will be safe and comfortable all at the same time, I must say. True statement …. test it for yourself and you will see.

If you are in the mood for getting some night – time driving under your belt, or you simply just feel like going out for a night drive, then this go kart is made for that, with you in mind, of course. It offers frontal white LED lights that are sharp and bright, and they come off in dark places so you get plenty of visual …. which is always handy to have. They can even light up a path in front of you nicely, if you should ever run into fog or something like that.

And if you enjoy an air – cooled, 4 – stroke single – cylinder engine, then it’s your luck. It’s got it, of course. It works with the GX 390 engine, too. Time to drive!