How To Reupholster Boat Seats

Author : Efrain S.

It all starts with having the right amount of money, as with anything else in life these days, he heh ( those who have more can seem to do a whole lot more, either way, so it does not hurt to earn and save, I would say ) . And by that, I mainly refer to being able to first of all pay for quality vinyl fabrics themselves, which are cheaper or more costly depending on where you go. But they are worth the investment, all in all, at the end of the day. This is mostly what all marine upholstery of quality tends to be made out of, as a whole, and you will find that the cost – range can lie anywhere from as low as $40 for a single square yard, to even $60 for the same, in most cases. So having some savings to take that from, or using your American Express card in the mean - time ( with the deliberate intention of paying it back, at some point soon, and not having interest costs rise up on you, he heh ) , is super helpful, and ultimately, it helps you feel less guilty about your purchase after all has been said and done. The best way to re – upholster the seats on your boat, I would say, is to have a true pro take a crack at it…. as that is what they know how to do and pass their training for. They are experts, most of the time.

Now a job of this caliber, if you are using lay – back types of seats, will take about $600 – 1200 from your wallet, with the existing hardware that’s used and accounting for all current seat box costs as well, and perhaps anything extra as well. EXPECT to pay within that range, most of the time. But you can always re – upholster these yourself and maybe save on labor fees.

Just un – screw the screws from the seats, take the staples out ( usually found in the back and bottom of the seats, taking them out one by one, which can be tedious ) , strip apart the cloth – like stitches with a nice blade, measure up your old fabric, trace the new design with a pencil and then make those cuts with a good sheath, sew the new fabric in place of where the old was, and then re – screw & re – staple ( an upholstery stapler – gun can be so handy in these times, he he heh ) . Sounds easy if you like a good project and love to work with your hands, doesn’t it? It is, for many.

So determine if you prefer to have someone do it for you and save time / effort. Or decide if you’d prefer to save money and get your hands moving. I hate getting my hands dirty, though, which is why I go with option 1. But you may be different.