John Delorean

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

If you want a DeLorean, then you ought to look around on the web to get the best deal for one…. a place that lets you see it, try it out for yourself, ( if they let you do so, of course, so always ask before you make it all the way out there, he he he heh, as your time is precious these days…. and I really know all about that, heck, I could write a whole new blog page on managing your time more effectively in these crazy times, he he he he he heh ) , and much more. But before all that, it will also help to know where the name came from, in the first place…. I guess, if not for anything else, then at the very least, for the knowledge itself, he heh. If someone asks you, say, your child, you will be able to explain to them who John DeLorean was —- not to mention impress a few of your closest buddies, as well, who loves the DeLorean and its history just as much as you do. Boom. Two birds…. 1 stone…. killed!

He heh. Anyways, in case you did not know, I would like to share with you what I have come to find after doing my own research online and really digesting some material ( yes, I read a whole heck of a lot, myself, a true book – work at heart…. don’t judge me, ha hah hah ) . Now, then, John DeLorean was a true American pioneer in the early days of the auto ; he was born in 1925 and passed away in 2005, having lived an impressive and highly beneficial ( with all his endeavors and feats, which he was remembered for, mostly for his car…. yes, you guessed it already, before I can say it…. the DeLorean ) 80 years on this earth.

He studied at the Lawrence Institute of Technology at some point later in life, as well, holding it as his alma mater. People still remember him as one of the school’s best alumni, of course. He was one of the many who graduated from there and truly made a difference with his life, becoming more than famous in having a classic and awesome car in his name. Who could forget?

He worked at GM, or General Motors, at some point in his career. He also later founded the DeLorean Motor Company, further giving rise to the sweet car we know as the DeLorean, of course ( seen those Back to the Future movies yet? This car is the star of them, he he he heh ) . He married Elizabeth Higgins, his true ‘soul mate’. Sadly, he was in Summit, Nevada when his health started to decline, many years later, and there passed away, in that very city and state. Now you know some history on the DeLorean’s maker, John DeLorean!