How to Clean a Dirt Bike

How to Clean a Dirt Bike

Author : Efrain Silva

A quick, 2 - minute clean - up, touching up some spots here and there on the exterior, my friend, is NOT a true cleaning (despite what many may have already shown you in their Vimeo or YouTube video tutorials). Now, I am not bashing this approach, if, of course, you are pressed for time and need a quick visible clean. However, if you want something that is far less superficial and gets really down and dirty (a true deep - clean), then you will want to keep reading to what I am about to reveal (and certain YouTubers have shown this, as well, on their videos —- not saying that all of them or their tutorials are bad. You want to make sure to watch the best ones known for deep - cleaning their dirt bikes, and there are several, and with high amounts of views and subscriptions as well).

If you have the time, get started —- remove the seat, as well as the tires and even the plastic, all in all, on your dirt bike. If you see heavy amounts of debris or mud, as well, these would be ideal places to strip down on so as to really get in on the inside. If you have access to a nice power washer, start with those wheels as well as the plastic material itself. You can use a cloth, a brush, or anything you like (but just do make it a point to remember NOT to soak those seats too badly as drying can be a pain, as well as soaking not being a good thing for the material of the seat itself). Put what you’ve deeply scrubbed and cleaned to the side and go in for the jugular : remove that engine.

Yes, take it right out of its nice frame. Use a cleaner. Spray down the frame with some light power. Power wash, to the max, if and only if you are sure you will not hit the engine!

Let your engine be the first to soak (remembering not to power wash it or spray it directly but rather use the cleaning brush or pad you have to scrub it by hand) and then use aluminum polish to really polish things up and get a nice shine going. Funny little fact, now that I have you here, reading this article — did you know that the skid plate can actually trap in quite a bit of dirt and other junk in quite well? So remove it and give things a nice, hard scrub under there as well, polishing up with some aluminum, too.

Sponge things away. The key here is to remove every part of the bike, and scrub, wash with power wash, sponge and repeat as best you can. If you are wondering what kind of soap to use, for the sponging, that would depend on the type of grease or dirt / grime attached to the bike. Have fun as you clean away!