Does Safelite Calibrate?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

Does Safelite calibrate? An excellent question, my friend, and I am so glad that your wandering eyes have once more come to my page here, where I blog about all kinds of great auto, motor sport and other topics. Now, then, the question of “Does Safelite calibrate?” is one that I can answer with a simple word : In short, that word is yes. And I’m sure you are ecstatic just to hear that, am I right? A wind – shield camera calibration ( or even re – calibration, if you’re bringing in the vehicle to them once again ) is certainly something that can be ( and is, daily ) done at Safelite Auto Glass. Whew ….. such relief to know this.

I am sure many of you are relieved. So let me tell you just a bit more on how it works. Curious to know? Read ….

Now, then, how it all works is like this — in a nutshell, this business offers what it calls “Advanced safety systems recalibration service” ( yup, that is exactly, word – for – word, how they call it and market it as, he he h eh he heh ) , which is essentially just a wind – shield cam re – calibrating process made to help your wind – shield in every way that it can. Now, keep in mind that the ADAS ( otherwise known as the advanced driver assistance system, in other words ) usually engages with the camera that hooks up with your wind – shield ( if you had one originally set up that way, of course … as not all cars can come with this ) . Now whenever you are in an accident, even if it is a very minor one ( like a minimal bump from the rear, from the driver behind you ) , experts at Safelite will also recommend that you not only repair or replace your wind – shield, if it has taken a dent, a scratch, another kind of mark or any other form of damage that impedes it from protecting you properly or impedes you from seeing the road ahead ( wind – shields can get really foggy, scratched up and more, making it hard for the driver to see in front of them, which as you can imagine, can pose a whole wealth of other health and safety concerns in itself ) . But they will also recommend that you RE – CALIBRATE the dash cam or web cam on it, if you had one connected there. It’s always a good idea to make sure the camera remains in – tact and in – tune – with the wind – shield itself, so they can both act as one and work in unison.

Safelite offers dynamic calibrations ( takes an hour or less, and can be done on most cars ) and static calibrations ( takes an hour or longer, based on make / model / year of car and extent of damages ) .