2003 Mini Cooper S Mods

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Mods are basically upgrades and performance add – ons and replacements that can make your car work better and up its game, so to speak. And for this type of car, they certainly do have them. Let’s have a chat, now, shall we?

First of all, I like these springs you can buy here —- Godspeed Project® LS-TS-MC-0002 - 1” x 1” Traction-S™ Front and Rear Performance Lowering Springs (carid.com)

They seem to really do their job and the seller seems to really be on top of it. They know what they sell ; they know how to make more of it ; and they can keep their price relatively low, all in all. So that is what I like when I see spring – type performance mods like these, and let me tell you just a bit else on what they might be able to do for your 2003 Mini – Cooper S…..

This mod helps your handle on the wheel, and the drive overall, to be more smooth and effective. They protect you from ‘body roll’ to an extent, which we all hate. No more body rolling! Right?

And all in all, on the same note, they make your car more stable and secured in certain places underneath, as you drive. Because, as I said, I hate roll – overs and having the body of my car tilt or start to roll or swivel, even just a little. Don’t you, as well? Would you agree with me there? I can read your mind and see that you do ( he heh, remember how I’ve said I’m psychic? Well, better believe it, he he he he heh ). Anyways, joking aside, let me talk some more…..

There is also this to think about —– they have got a great shock design, an anodized shock body, are made of great forged aluminum ( along with brackets of no less than great carbon steel ) , carry a high viscosity index and much, much more. Have I got you sold yet? Well, believe me, there is still more to tell, in case you are not quite convinced just yet.

To further add, the internal piston it works with is 44 mm. That is pretty solid. Think about that. And want to see another great mod, while you’re here?

Check out this shock absorber and strut, which also happens to work with that same Mini – Cooper model : Bilstein® - Mini Cooper Base / S 2003 B6 Series Driver or Passenger Side Heavy Duty Monotube Shock Absorber and Strut (carid.com)

Like it? You can get it for like $117 on the low side of things. Or at most, like $250. So the price should not be too much of a worry. It is definitely reasonable, to say the least. I have seen these two mods selling at much higher prices, I kid you not, on other sellers’ sites.