Motorcycle Fuel Bottle

Find out more here! The world, we can now say, is a safer and better place thanks to the everyday motorcycle fuel bottle --- am I correct? Of course I am! And if you don’t the full purposes that this type of product can serve, then keep reading…..  

The idea behind the product

This type of product is perfect for when you want to carry some extra fuel on any one of your dirt bikes as you hit the dunes: It will provide that emergency fuel that your engine needs when it’s running low. And if you get stuck in the middle of nowhere and find yourself burning very low fuel and a rapid pace, how can that be a bad thing? This type of fuel container can be nothing short of a life saver when you need it.  

And let’s talk about three unique ways you can carry some of that extra fuel on your dirt bike: carrying fuel bottles in your saddle bag, carrying fuel bottles in any holster(s), and carrying “high capacity” desert gas tanks. 

The product itself

So first of all, if you’re looking for the right kind of fuel bottle to buy, have a look at Amazon and type in something like “motorcycle fuel bottle”. You’ll love all the options you find, and many have stated that some of the best fuel bottles they ever got have come from there. It’s amazing what you can find online, isn’t it? The products offered through Amazon are usually safe for backpacking and camping since they’re designed to safely carry such fuel in measured quantities based upon the need. 

And furthermore, these metallic containers will properly house the fuel while avoiding any punctures or leaks. They make for a cost - effective solution to an everyday need, all in all, and buyers love them as a result. But more so, try --- if your wallet can take a small hit --- to get one of the costlier and more quality - made saddle bags to meet the need, preferably going with one like Amazon’s Wolfman Day Tripper bags. Believe us --- they will be well worth your while, especially when you want something you can use, over and over again, for the next few years and longer! To this end, my motto remains, “Pay a bit more upfront, but get something that will last you for far longer”; make the investment and save in the long run, in other words….. 

But if you want to get fuel bottles that you can keep in your holster, then there’s nothing wrong at all with that either. And Amazon, once again, sells countless MSR holster fuel bottles you can choose from ---- many of the best quality and grade available. Sit down and count the cost of each, as well as what you’ll afford, before deciding on one. And choose like the life of your fuel depends on it, because, in an emergency, it just might…..

You can get plenty of firm straps and attachments on here with the holster as well, to keep the fuel bottle in place. And you can easily stash this onto your bike. Many strap them on sideways, right under the handle bars, next to the main gas tank. Now let’s talk about that last and final option we were going to discuss…..that of carrying a “high capacity” desert gas tank as many call them.

This type of solution usually looks like another small gas tank that is firmly installed on your bike. Most of these can contain about 2 gallons or less; this ensures that factors like weight and bulk do not keep your bike down, causing other problems in turn. Yet on the other hand, some few brave souls really do choose to go ahead and tack on 4-gallon tanks onto their bikes, but this is usually when they have enduro type bikes that can handle the extra weight and pressure. And this tends to be more the exception than the norm, all in all. The Acerbis brands sells several of these, all of which are available on Amazon and other top online retail sites.

More you should know

Here’s a few safety tips to keep in mind when you carry a motorcycle fuel bottle with you. First off, never personally “wear the fuel” on you as this is always a bad idea. If the gas spills onto any part of you, causing a spark through its reaction to any other flammable element, then guess what? You have now become 100 % flammable. 

If this spills even a drop on you or your clothes, take off what you are wearing and wash in some water to dilute. Yet, the real damage is hard to undo as gas and its stains are very hard to come off --- you will need to wait until you get home in order to wash the clothes properly in a machine. But make do with what you can in the meantime; if there’s a public bathroom nearby, then go in and “wash up” quickly, making sure to get the most fuel (as well as the stench of it) away from whatever it fell on…..

Also, consider the fact that containers not designed to store fuel, even if they’re made of durable aluminum, metal or steel, are not a good option for you. Find something else if you can, or simply don’t transport the fuel at all. There are too many risk factors to count. And remember not to carry more fuel than you will actually need for this trip, as, in this case, it actually does hurt to be “too prepared”; too much fuel can pose other hazards of its own. 

Final, concluding thoughts on all this…. 

So now you can grasp just a bit into what dirt bike or motorcycle fuel bottles can do when you are in a need of quick replenishing. But just remember to transport and apply the fuel in a careful and responsible manner since the material it carries, and even others around it, can be highly flammable under the wrong circumstances. Be wise!