Hammerhead 250 ss

Hammerhead is a Texas-based off-road automobile manufacturer. The company has been supplying a series of go kart vehicles since 2003. It has affordably priced karts for kids, teens, and adults. Hammerhead 250 SS (Super Sport) go kart is designed for driving on sand dunes.

It is a top-class model with a four-wheel drive design, racer car-style seats, 4-point harness seat belts, and other features. 250 SS is perfect for dunes and beaches. It is considered the next best option to HH GTS 150.

Let’s read in detail about the specifications, features, pros, and cons of HH 250 SS.

All You Need to Know About Hammerhead 250 SS

Hammerhead 250 SS (Super Sport) is designed to drive on beaches and sandy dunes. It has a 250cc liquid-cooled four-stroke one-cylinder CF Moto engine and hydraulic disc brakes to ensure powerful drives on slippery paths without losing control of the vehicle.

While the primary market of 250 SS was the US, the go kart became more popular in Canada. The solid suspension, adjustable steering, digital speedometer, and top speed (~50mph) made this kart a favorite of many users. It’s not the fastest in the category, but it has a promising speed for the price.

It’s no surprise that people look to buy brand-new and second-hand HH 250 SS in large numbers. The kart is slightly bigger than GTS 150 and weighs around 600 lbs. The shape of the roll cage is angled to suit the sandy terrains. There’s a cargo rack at the rear to tie your gear. You can also attach a trailer hitch and hook it to the kart.

HH 250 SS also has dual speakers with an audio input option. It’s fun to listen to your favorite music while enjoying the kart ride on sandy beaches. Due importance is given to the tires (as they play a vital role).

Hammerhead 250 SS has polished aluminum wheels with tubeless front and rear tires. AT20* 7-8 are the front tires, and AT22* 10-10 are the rear tires. Both have a tread limit of 0.11811 inches but different tire pressure (to sustain the kart’s weight on sandy surfaces). Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for tire pressure.

HH 250 SS has two independent seats in race car style. Each seat has a four-point harness seat belt to buckle you in place and prevent sudden movements or jerks. It is possible to adjust them to fit your height and seat position. No more worrying about slipping or toppling out of the kart when driving in the sand.

There’s a rearview mirror to track what’s behind you. The canopy top provides protection from the hot sun without suffocating you by closing from all sides. However, don’t drive the kart without wearing protective gear, especially on the dunes. Cover your body and face as recommended for go karting.

Specifications of Hammerhead 250 SS

HH 250 SS has one of the best performing engines in its category. It has dimensions of 89* 56* 57 inches (LWH) and a dry weight of 600 lbs. It can touch the maximum speed of 35mph in the low gear and 50mph in the high gear. The automatic CVT ensures a smooth transmission from one gear to another.

The wheelbase is 66.1 inches. 250 SS has a ground clearance of 8.5 inches, making it easy to drive on mini sand molds and hills with ease. The CDI ignition comes with an electric starter. Start the engine periodically, even if you don’t use the kart often. This keeps the ignition in shape and prevents it from choking due to non-usage.

The engine requires force and splash lubrication. It has a displacement of 244ml and a compression ratio of 10:1. The fuel tank can hold around 2 to 2.25 gallons. Use only unleaded non-ethanol fuel to power the kart.

HH 250 SS can carry a maximum load of 400 lbs in its two seats. Teens younger than 16 years should not drive the kart. Kids younger than 12 years should not sit on the passenger seats too. Hammerhead has other models for kids and middle-graders designed with the necessary safety features.

Tips to Operate HH 250 SS in Sand Dunes

Operating the go kart on sandy surfaces needs more care. The sand particles slip underneath the tire and can cause you to lose control of the vehicle. Don’t drive the kart if you don’t have a driving license or enough practice with off-road go karts.

Those who want to upgrade the kart can remove unwanted spare parts and replace them with lightweight variants. However, use only those components recommended by the manufacturer.

The 250cc engine can also be upgraded to 300cc to generate more power and energy. This will lead to better performance on sandy terrains. That said, upgraded engines are not for novice go kart drivers.

Maintenance and Servicing of HH 250 SS

Following the maintenance and servicing instructions is necessary to keep the kart in top condition for a longer time.

First Week Servicing

Inspect the tire pressure, engine oil, brake performance, brake oil, chassis, carburetor, screws, etc., during the first week (after the break-in period).

General Lubrication

Lubricate the components like suspension, shock absorbers, brakes, clutch, and other fittings regularly. This keeps the driving smooth and prevents jerks.

Engine and Brakes

The engine, air filters, brake systems, fuel filter system, valves, battery, etc., must be inspected every two or three months. In case of any worn out parts, replace them as soon as possible. Don’t use the kart with worn-out and damaged parts. It increases the risk of breakdowns and accidents.

Usage Conditions

Remember that the main purpose of HH 250 SS is to drive through sand. It has been designed for hotter climates. It doesn’t deliver its best in colder conditions. The engine and other components will experience issues if you use this kart in cold climates.

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Final Words

Hammerhead 250 SS is a worthy and cost-effective investment if you live in sandy regions and hotter climates. The off-road kart is great for two people to drive through the dunes and beaches while enjoying the view.

Regular maintenance and authorized servicing will increase the durability and lifespan of the kart. Hammerhead is known for manufacturing high-quality off-road go karts for all ages. HH 250 SS is one such vehicle with good looks and performance.