Gold Delorean

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

John DeLorean : He made a legacy that would last, be remembered in a special way, and make him one of the most renowned engineers and inventors of his time ( and even of ours, as people still seem to talk about what he did, ha ha ha hah, what a guy ) . He made, of course, the DeLorean. For the most part, we all know this, at least those of us 40 years and older do, he he he heh ( and do not worry, my readers and friends. I will NOT be asking you how old you are, on this blog site, nor will I have you pull out your ID and show proof of age, if you want to keep reading the page…. that would be just silly, not to mention nosy, of me….. ) . But what we all do NOT know is that there were, as a matter of fact ( cross my heart and hope to die, I lie not, guys…. the full truth here is what I tell you now, I pinky promise on it ) , a certain selection of limited GOLD – PLATED DeLorean cars that were made as well and fabricated. They were ( and are, if you happen to see one that is still around ) really one – of – a – kind in so many special ways. The visual appeal was so elegant, and it felt ‘almost rich’ to see, much more possess, one of these cars, if you ever got to be so lucky.

Nearly 8,600 models of these were made, and when you really think about that, with your good ol’ noggin’, as I like to say ( or brain, he he he heh ) , you will soon notice that that is such a SMALL number, given the bigger picture. Nowadays, especially, when hundreds of thousands of cars are produced in a single country each day, that number is tiny. Only 8,000…. think about that! And they were made and produced within a small frame of time, as well, only released between 1981 and 1983, all in all…. so you had to be around in that time and have some money on you, if you wanted to even come close to having a shot of looking at one ( or heck, even buying one, if you possible could, right upon initial release and manufacture ) .

What’s more? Only —- get this —- FIVE of these made were in a solid gold ( 24 K and all, I kid you not, he he he heh ) . I’m sure that if you had one and were one of those lucky 5 people, you were considered to be the true ‘pimp’ of the day. He heh. At the very least, you’d luckier than winning a ticket to Willy’s Wonka’s Chocolate Factory ( if that were actually real, he heh heh ) . Neat, no?