Honda CRF 110

Find out more here! It does not get any better than this when you are looking for a top-notch kid’s dirt bike: The Honda CRF 110 is all of it and more --- it will take you by storm, but in a good way! And if you have a child (or are a child at heart, still….), then this product makes for the perfect birthday or Christmas surprise gift. And the best part is this: It doesn’t even have to be wrapped or unwrapped; simply buy it, tuck it away somewhere like in a garage or storage shed, and when the perfect time comes to unveil that gift --- kapow --- show ‘em what you got! They will be amazed! But before you carefully plan out your next big purchase of a dirt bike like this one, let’s talk about it first and consider some facts about it that you may want to know….keep reading. 

The brand name behind the product

So first and foremost, every great present ideally tends to come from a great brand or company name supplier, and in this case, it doesn’t get any better than Honda. This multinational conglomerate company is one of the best in Japan and abroad, working with dozens and dozens of vehicle types and models, respectively ---- it sells to the masses, everything from cars to SUVs to pickup trucks to dirt bikes to UTV’s to kids’ dirt bikes. Honda has got it. Soichiro Honda, the initial founder of Honda, always loved cars, and that’s part of the story of how his great car company came around to its current success status…..

The Art Shokai garage was where Mr. Honda first worked as a mechanic, and put in several hours of his time there into learning every single thing that went into a vehicle to make it run most efficiently. Eventually tired of working for someone else as a mechanic, he decided to start his own business just a few years later. And since then, boy oh boy, has the company endured many varying core mission principles, strategic executive role changes, and much more ---- now it is an amazing company unrivaled in many respects.

Mr. Honda did pass away in 1991, at the good old age of 84. He lived a long and productive life in respect to autos and sales. Many today still honor his legacy.  

The Product Itself

The Honda CRF 110 is ideal for children between the ages of 7 and 12 ---- let’s start there. It’s not made for racing but still offers powerful motor engine performance, all in all, giving enough thrust and boost to go right over the steepest hills and bumpiest roads. And we have to be honest: Kids love the thrill. So that’s not an issue. 

It can power over things like rocks, trees, and other elements. It’s made for off-roading, mainly. Its seat height measures in at 26.4 inches, and it’s semi-adjustable. In terms of weight, the bike weighs its full 159 lbs, making it similar in weight to the dirt bikes made by Yamaha and Kawasaki bikes ---- whose brands still heavily compete against Honda’s all the time. The bike is sturdy and well-built.

More you should know

But it would be a major injustice to merely introduce such a great dirt bike, for just a few seconds, and then rob you of further information on it --- which I know you’ve already begged to find out more about. So without further ado, let’s continue. Did you also know that this particular kids’ bike carries a 1.1-gallon gas tank, which many have stated can run all day long? And in addition, several online users have noted even putting gas once every 2 -3 trips, instead of every single time, like with other dirt bikes of this form.

And also, to follow suite, here’s another interesting fact to digest: Did you know that the Honda CRF 110’s gas tank holds about 1/10 more gas than the gas tanks of Yamaha’s and Kawasaki’s 110 models? That’s quite interesting, indeed. Plus, it’s about 4-8 lbs lighter and even includes an electric starting ignition. And not only that, those who purchase this model off of a showroom floor can always be expected to pay at least $50 less.

This fully automatic, clutchless sensation of a bike is reportedly very fast as well, made for the daredevil in your child --- if you should choose to let him have his way. You can also make some precautions on your end, ahead of time, to limit the max speed on the bike. The throttle stop on the bike makes this all possible; check the manual that comes with your bike to see how you can best take advantage of this feature.

If you get this bike in unused conditions, from a top dealership, then expect to pay no less than around $2,299, keeping in mind that this price alone does not even account for sales tax and other fees. But if you get a used version of the bike, you might save hundreds of dollars. So decide on how you wish to best proceed, remembering that there is no price tag on quality….the bike is definitely worth its money. 

Final, concluding thoughts on all this

So if you are still thinking of moving forward and saying something like, “Ah, what the heck! You only live once. I can spend the money and get my child a great present this year…”, then this bike makes for a great option. And remember that you won’t have to wrap it --- like you could. The Honda CRF 110 is a top choice among countless others in the Honda lineup, which we likewise encourage you to check out when you have some time. 

And to read a little further on the story of Mr. Honda and the early days of his company, you can check out this piece here. It’s swell reading material for those who have the time. And until next time, farewell!