Sea-Doo Spark Fuel Range

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Many people have come and gone on their view points regarding this topic that I am about to ask you think about today ( if you read the title, you know what’s up next, he heh ) , so I would like to present to you some facts and info, based on my own experiences riding around in the Spark, so that you can get a much better idea, to say the very least, of what to expect in terms of fuel range and its capacity when you are out on the blues ( or waves, as I like to call them, he he he he he ) . Now, then, first and foremost of all, allow me to proudly state that I myself have the full 90 HP ( or horsepower ) on my own Spark so that can make a difference, as well…. if you do not have this, then I highly suggest that you go out and make that your first step. Get the full power and drive unlocked with your Spark. Now, then, also, I so happen to have ( and I am not bragging, I promise on the life of my hamster Jerry, he he heh ) a solid aux gas tank and tend to go in to sport mode a whole heck of a lot more than the other people I know that ride a Spark. I go at it hard —- at about 3 / 4 to full throttle, just to give you an idea of things. But like I said, and I repeat myself like a parrot on crackers, this is NOT to brag….. but just to help you understand. Whew…. that’s off my chest. He heh, now moving on to more facts….

So if you like to go out for about 42 miles ( which, as a side note, is actually equal to about 36 nautical miles, when on the water….. very important to think about ) , as I do, then you will find that you’ll come straight back to base with about a good half of your tank of gas still left, which I think is astounding. That has always been the case with me ( keeping in mind, of course, that you, like me, have the Spark and have it at 90 HP and are going in basic mode, though, not sport mode, he he he heh…. though like I said, I do like to kick that one into gear as well many times ) .

If you go at about 50 mph, you should be good. If you feel like playing it a little safer, as I did at first ( and as my wife now likes to do, he heh ) , then you can stay within the 45 mph range. You should be good. There is plenty of fuel range, thus, and I hope I have convinced you now.