Ski-Doo Yellow Tag Event

By Ski – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Don’t you just love saving money? Love the feel of it? Taste the thrill of the save? Enjoy every moment? If you do as I, then you love yellow – tag events, and in case you have not noticed, my friend, there sure have been a whole hella’ lot lately! LOTS of these events, now that covid closures become more and more LESS. Less covid restrictions, means more going out to events, and more sales, and more saving!!!! Saving is awesome, I think.

And speaking of these events, there have, actually, been TONS in the way of Ski – Doo. I am talking about SKI – DOO YELLOW TAG EVENTS, mind you. He heh. Even all over the world, there have been lots and lots, both online and by store. Whether you live in Canada, the UK, the USA, or perhaps in another high – Ski – Doo visibility country, so to speak, you have likely heard of such a sales event ( maybe even been to one for yourself, with your whole team, group or family, I might gander to assume as well ) . The one I went to, here in Colorado, was not too long ago…. it was an open – house sort of event and I want to tell you how great it was….

Tic for tic, and tac for tac, and some folks like to say, this was a swell event. I came SO close to missing it, due to other commitments, but now that I think more on it, my wife and I are sure glad that we squeezed in the time and made it to the event…. it was an all – day thing and we popped our heads in for like 2 – 3 hours, around like 12 – 2 pm or so. We found it well worth our while since they had used Ski – Doo re – sell accessories on 90 % off sale, not to mention used Ski – Doos, as well as new ones, too, being sold far under the standard MSRP price…. and guess what else? They even let us test a couple! We took a quick ride with the guide, at no extra cost, and had some fun. We did buy a couple Ski – Too branded t – shirts, too, each sold at like a buck a piece. Good time. I can’t wait for another.

They even had a whole table lined up, full of free merch… my wife stuffed a bunch into her purse, I am assuming, since she goes crazy wild for that sort of stuff. And free is free. So no one judged her, he heh. She told me she even get free lip balm with a Ski – Doo logo around it, as well as some key – chains, a pen, and a couple nice tags…. all for free, free, free! HOW she actually snuck all that in to her tiny little purse is beyond me. I know better than to ask her.