Do Go Karts Have Front Brakes?

Do go karts have front brakes? Great question. Well, let me get into this topic…. read ahead, folks…

The first thing I would like you to glue to the back of your mind is the simplest and plainest fact that most typical auto go karts do not have front brakes. The brakes are in the back. But when you are talking about shifter go karts, then that can shift completely ( ha ha hah… get it? Shift? ) …. in shifter go karts, which have about 6 various gears, you can often find both front and rear brakes. Interesting, right?

And the reason that all of this is important? Well, let me tell you…. it helps to know your kart, whether its brakes are on front, on back or both. Why? Because this helps you, at the end of the day, to be able to make better stops ( more quickly and precisely, to say the very least ) . Find your optimum braking time, once you know where the brakes are located and where they pump from. In many cases, some have found that 100 meters before each turn is not typically a good brake time ( even if you have really strong brakes ) . You have to give yourself more time.

You may have noticed how F -1 go karts tend to over – steer, right? While in the other sense, basic go karts for everyday use tend to under – steer…. ever ask yourself why this might be? Well, the front wheels lock up so much more easily and quickly on F -1 go karts simply because they’ve got brakes right on the front ( in addition to the simple fact that those front wheels will always be closer in as you corner ) . If those wheels thus fail to turn in time, what ends up happening is that the go kart goes straight and under – steers… simple logic, right?

But on the more basic kinds of go karts, like what you see at typical amusement parks and entry – level family – friendly tracks, it’s the opposite…. with rear brakes, your front wheels will instead turn as your back wheels do not move at all. This leads to drifting and over – steering as a result. And of course, in both cases, you might not have working brakes…. something to consider as well. That’s why it’s good to get your go kart checked by a pro from time to time… they can spot potential hazards and faults. We hope this has helped.