Suzuki Vitara

Suzuki is well-known for their work as a leading manufacturer in anything automobile: from cars to motorcycles, and even boats! The Suzuki Vitara is one of the corporation’s most successful SUV’s and was first released in 1988. There have been four generations of this car, and you might have heard of it under the name Suzuki Escudo. Below, you can find a comprehensive guide that details Suzuki Corporations, as well as the Vitara, itself.


While you may be used to hearing about this corporation in relation to cars, motorcycles, etc., Suzuki first began as a Loom, textile, and fabric manufacturer. When cotton trading took a hit, so did Suzuki, and they began to produce cars instead.

Suzuki Vitara: First Generation

The first generation of the Suzuki Vitara was released in 1988 and discontinued ten years later, in 1998. In 1991, the Vitara was improved with rear antilock breaks, which improved the overall function of the SUV. The 1992 model of the Suzuki_Vitara_First_GenerationVitara had a total of 95 horsepower, alone with a 16-valve Suzuki G16 engine. There is a limited edition of this car, called Vitara Rossini. This model is a metallix pink and has a creamy leather interior.

Suzuki Vitara: Second Generation

The second generation of the Vitara was released in 1998 and was discontinued seven years later, in 2005. This one, of course, was bigger and more expensive than its predecessor. Because of this, Suzuki_Vitara_Second_Generationhowever, it was also safer and more reliable. The first generation of the Suzuki Vitara was a mini SUV; however, this one was quickly regarded as a compact SUV. The increase in grandeur for this SUV provided it with a new name: Grand Viatara.

Suzuki Vitara: Third Generation

The third generation of the Vitara replaced the second generation in 2005 and is still being manufactured. The Japanese car is built with several components from the GM Theta; though, the two do have Suzuki_Vitara_Third_Generationenough differences to be regarded as completely different cars. The Vitara uses a longitudinally mounted engine, along with rear-wheel drive.

Suzuki Vitara: Fourth Generation

This version of the Suzuki Vitara is the newest, and most expensive, model yet. It was first premiered at the 2014 Paris Motor Show; however, it was first open to the public in 2015. The SUV has a wheelbase, and is considered to be a compact crossover.Suzuki_Vitara_Fourth_Generation The fourth generation is shorter that the aforementioned Grand Vitara; which makes it easier to manoeuvre through tighter streets. There is another version of this Vitara, called the Vitara Sport. This SUV provides more than forty percent extra torque.


Suzuki is a corporation that has mastered the art of manufacturing automobiles. The Vitara is one of the most successful SUVs made from Suzuki and there is no doubt that it has developed quite a bit since it was first released in the 80s. If you’re tired of your current car, or if you’re simply looking for something new, then the Vitara should be on your shopping list for cars to buy. Visit your local manufacturer as soon as possible so that you can improve your overall quality of life with a Vitara!

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