Personal watercraft has a multifaceted utility. These have long been used for fishing purposes as well. Many fishing enthusiasts around the globe have really praised the versatility of the PWC. And what can possibly be a better name in this area than the Sea-doo FISH PRO?

Sea-doo has brought the most flexible all-rounder in the market with amazing specifications and features. This is a way to get closer to the action in the water and indulge in adventure in the water that can perhaps be possible only with the SEa-doo FISH PRO.

Sea-doo FISH PRO: An Overview

Before hopping on to your PWC, it is better to have a look at all the features that it serves. No product on this earth comes flawlessly. Probably, this is why people should always consider knowing a bit about the pros and cons of the particular product. In this section, I am going to talk about the features, pros, and cons of the Sea-doo FISH PRO for a better insight.


The first and foremost qualifier for a PWC is its engine and the strength of the same. And undoubtedly, the manufacturers of Sea-doo PWC have slain in this department. Each watercraft of them is equipped with a super powerful engine that provides the smoothest operation ever!

Likewise, this particular PWC also comes with a robust Rotax engine. The 1630 cc engine is a 3-cylinder one. Also, the engine of the watercraft is 170 hp. The engine of Sea-doo FISH PRO is particularly known for its great fuel economy and optimized performance. Hence, this watercraft has aced the engine department with flying colors.

Garmin navigation and fish finder:

Often the fishing enthusiasts hunt for these two features in particular for a better operation. And the Sea-doo FISH PRO is innovative indeed because it comes equipped with these two features in particular. The watercraft incorporates Garmin Echomap Plus 62cv fishfinder with a 6-inch (15 cm) screen. Additionally, an in-hull transducer has also been included. This is indeed a multidimensional fish finding and navigation system that most fishing enthusiasts crave. So, go for it!

Extended rear platform

Another pain point that many people have while considering a PWC for fishing purposes is the lack of space in the vehicle. Thankfully, the manufacturers, understanding the fact, have made the watercraft with ample space. The rear platform of this watercraft adds 11.5 inches (29 cm) to the back of it for more space. It is useful for boarding, fishing, and organizing while going on a hunt. Convenience at its level best, no?

Direct access front storage

This feature is more or less common in almost all the Sea-doo models. And probably, this is one of the most claimed features of this personal watercraft. The Sea-doo FISH PRO incorporates a front bin or front storage organizer for a better time on board. This space can be used for keeping essentials like water bottles, sunscreen or a small tackle box, and some more.

What’s more in this department is that you can access the front storage while sitting conveniently. The storage is now in an arm’s reach. So easy!

Watertight phone compartment

One of the most asked queries or probably the most focused point while owning a PWC is to carry a phone, camera, or other cellular devices on board. Thankfully, this particular PWC comes with a watertight phone compartment. You can now comfortably take your phone or camera on board. And keep it dry and safe. Additionally, it provides a USB port as well so that your devices are always charged.

LinQ fishing cooler

The PWC comes equipped with a rugged 13.5 gal. (51 L) cooler specifically designed for fishing. It comes with a recessed work surface. Also, it provides four innovative rod holders with convenient positioning so that you can comfortably focus on water movements or activities on board. Moreover, the Dea-doo FISH PRO provides trolling slots and tackle and bait storage also.

In short, this personal watercraft is actually complete in itself.

Fishing bench seat

This feature is Intended for simplicity from driver position to traveler for fishing. The fishing seats are combined with lateral stability and are also optimized for fishing sideways. For your ease and comfort, you can also enjoy the angled footrests along with it.

Cup and Rod Holder

This is perhaps a fisherman’s new most loved combo. Now you can comfortably keep your fishing rod on the rod holder and your refreshment on the side-mounted cup holder. Hence, onboard fishing adventure is now even more enjoyable and fun to do!




How fast does the Sea-Doo fish Pro go?

The Sea-doo FISH pro goes at a maximum speed of 55 mph.

How far offshore can a jet ski go?

It is unpredictable to be straightforward. But on an average rate, a jet ski can go about 500 meters or a half kilometer offshore.

Is it expensive to maintain a jet ski?

Jet skis are, in short, a little costly to maintain because of their technical dimensions. The maintenance of the multifaceted engines and machinery can cost as much as maintaining a small car.

Final thought

One of the crucial reasons for one to pick PWC for fishing is the pace and power of a jet ski. So that the fish enthusiasts can apply the ‘rub and gun’ spirit the moment they see activity in water. And for that reason, this three-seater Sea-doo FISH PRO is more than comfortable. The speed, acceleration, and impressive specifications have already won thousands of hearts.

However, people have complained about the effectiveness of the IDF technology. Some have pointed to the speed being a little bit of a problem. But looking at all other features, the Sea-doo FISH pro does justice to its price and description. Hence you might negotiate with the minor flaw and give it a shot!