Mini Go Kart

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Mini go karts are so much fun. They are convenient, they are slim and sleek, they are cool, they can be fast, and most important of all, they can have hard seats if you choose them with such —- it is to ensure that you are awake and aware, ( and I, for sure, will not forget an experience like that, never at all, when I SAT STRAIGHT UP and won a mini go kart race, since I was so uncomfortable in that seat that I feel it made me want to race faster, so that I would be done with the race…. who knew I would win? He he he heh… another story, though ) . Mini go karts, as spelled out in their name, are smaller and more compact than the usual go karts you know of, my friend. But they do have their advantages, all in all —- one such advantage would be the plain issue of fuel capacity and fuel economy. These fuel - savers are really great at saving you on your ride, and not taking up too much fuel, but on the down side to that, there is always the factor of them being able to hold less fuel in their small, limited - capacity size tanks. So it is a give and a take, if you see what I mean.

They are cheaper, too, which is probably the number 1 reason that people even bother to get them…. in my own personal opinion. There is not only the cost factor, of course, nor just the fuel factor, but also the issue of being able to fit in smaller places, make turns faster ( and without roll - over or skidding as much ) , and of course, easier weight and a lighter go kart. These can be great advantages, for instance, they can cut those corners a little faster and even squeeze in between two karts at a time ( so as to pass them by, when racing, of course… sneaky but it works, he he he he heh heh ) .

And when you need to load this type of a go kart into your storage bin, into a truck or trailer, or the back of a hitch, or just about anywhere else you plan to carry it on, then it is so much easier to lift and load on…. and move right around as it’s on there. On the opposite note, when you need to UN - LOAD, or drop, etc, it’s

as equally easy to do and so much lighter, in many cases, than a typical main - stream sort of go kart, on that note. So keep that in mind. And in some very specific cases, if you are willing to pay more, you can get a higher - quality of mini go kart that is able to go at faster speeds, yet remain very light, without all that weight holding it down.