C4 Corvette

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

You like sports cars? Of course you do. I know no one otherwise! Ha hah. We all like to imagine we are Jeff Gordon or something like that, behind the wheel at a great race… ready to win, no less. We all love that feeling, even, of being able to soar or zip past all the other drivers in their lanes, as we whizz through the freeway ( got that guilty feeling? I won’t judge, we have all done it, he he he heh…. we have all zoomed past the other cars and felt in control and in charge, for once, when on the highway, going at the top max speed, he he he heh…. sometimes the feeling of freedom and release is really a necessary one, that does us well, mentally and physically, I will add ) .

Well, if you like speed, and you like Chevies ( and once again, who doesn’t? He he heh ) , then you will like the C4 I am to talk about now. This Chevrolet Corvette is truly awesome and its blue, with white lines or stripes across the center of the main front hood, are something you can not just witness in a movie and walk away from, satisfied. You have to SEE IT WITH YOUR OWN EYES, if you ever can or get a chance to. Heck, google one, and look at its images for now.

These cars started in 1983. The last one ever made was in 1996. So yes, they did have a good run and last a while in production. I am sure that you can still google and find one around in your local area, that you can look at, for buying ( used, more than likely ) . And if you are ever lucky enough to get to re – model or re – store one, entirely, then count your blessings. Now what else do I like about this special car? No, it can’t fly, but yes, it sure can hit slightly over 175 mph, at its very best. Now that is worth a brag, as I always like to say. Fun fact. That thing can get the power going, and on the highway, just imagine how fast you would really be going…. that is nearly 200 mph ( the fastest that I remember ever going, on my regular car, he heh, is 90 mph, and that, to me, is fast…. I even had trouble remaining in control and seeing ahead of me in time, with enough distance, not to mention maintaining the steering in perfect balance and not swiveling lanes by accident, which can be dangerous. But I, of course, have a different kind of car, though that is another story, I’ll say. Anyways, I say this to give you an idea of JUST HOW FAST, if you can really picture it, 175 mph must be and feel like, he he he he heh heh ) .