Polaris RZR Trail 570

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Polaris Expert)

First Thing to Consider:

The 750 is what we’ll talk on now, which I knew you’d wonder about at some point, readers … ha hah. So the first thing to note is they ( and by they, I mean Polaris, he he heh ) brand this the “Ultimate Sport Machine”. Cool name, right? I think so, too …. now let’s get down to business ….

Trim, Plus Some Other Cool Features to Take Note of:

First of all, check out that 10.5 - like ground clearance … sick, right? Plus, you get 45 horse – power next to 50 – in width, all perfect for someone young, perhaps, who is looking to get into driving these. It’s a terrific start, I would dare to add. Now, then, you might ask yourself what the tires measure at, next? A great question …. 25 – in tires, all over. That’s the deal. Not bad, no? Nope.

And you also get to have some stellar ZF Sachs Shocks on it, as well, in addition to the fact that the vehicle comes with only the very best shock and impact protection, all around. Yup, it’s a firm, tough body ( with a nice paint job on it, by the way ) , which will protect you well in any accident. It comes in its one color : That is, White Lightning ( which is really more like white – and – red, with some black, if you were to be more accurate, he he he he he heh … but I like it, at the end of the day, which is what matters … and I hope you like its look as well, but I won’t twist your arm if you don’t, he he he heh ) .

Cylinder displacement? 567 cc, dude. Drive system? On-Demand All – Wheel Drive / 2 – Wheel Drive ( awd or 2wd, in other words ) . Engine type? Four full strokes, baby! 4 – stroke, yup … and with a single cylinder, DOHC, and all. Not bad.

If you like having easy, simple – to – use automatic transmission, then this is the Polaris to go with. Newbie drivers will especially appreciate this one. It means no more getting stuck in the mud, having to shift gears and being unable to, in some instances. Just make sure to drive carefully and safely, of course.

And when it comes to answering the very simple question of, “What is the estimated dry weight for this Polaris”? ( a popular hot – button question on the internet, these days, with lots of Yahoo searches, heh he heh ) … the answer is almost a full thousand ( precisely 996 ) lbs. Its hitch tow rating is 1,500 lbs. … which is quite a bit of tonnage, all things considered, should you ever need to tow or hitch – tow ( just keep that in mind, of course ) . Now, what do you think? Buying yet?