Frank May Ski-Doo

By Ski – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Take your sweet time, if you go there during any business hour, and you will see for yourself how good it really is. This place is really neat. Frank May Ski – Doo is the place to go when you’re in Honeyville ( Utah, silly ) ! Typically open to you from 9 to 6, if you’re in that area, it’s worth a shot. This place works hard to stay up and keep running, especially now that the pandemic has taken all business for a spin. I ENCOURAGE, no, IMPLORE, you to go to Utah just to check this spot out…. especially if you call yourself a true Ski – Doo fan. This place, on Google alone, has nearly 90 reviews ( an exact review total count of 89, by Google, just as I write this, he he he heh ) and most of them are at 4.9 stars, nearly a perfect 5 stars ( which reminds me, I probably ought to get on there later and post my own 5 star review of this place so that they can hopefully reach the full 5, in total count, he heh heh ) .

When I called to ask if they were open, during a week I went to visit a cousin in Utah, they said they were and welcomed me with open arms…. I literally felt like I was being openly ‘bear hugged’ ( but in a good, loving way, and not suffocatingly, he he he heh ) by the person on the phone. They were so nice and really knew their stuff. So I decided to go in when I went. It was a trip! What a great place.

They’ve got both an online showroom and even an in – house one that people can make themselves welcome to any time they are open for business. They can look around and see price tags, compare models, ask any question that is Ski – Doo related ( my fave part of the whole experience, he he heh…. as I literally nailed the poor girl at the front service desk, with my questions, and she answered every one…. not failing to ask me if I had another…. now that is true customer service ) , and even just try out something in the fitting room. Speaking of which, they had a couple great snowmobile shirts that had messages like “Ski - Doo for Life”, “Snowmobiles are for winners”, and stuff like that…. I can’t remember exactly what they said, but I do recall they made me smile. And that’s key to a good shopper experience.

And I liked the place so much that I was sad when I headed back home. But when I got back to Colorado, I Googled this place and visited their main website. It was all a blast of joy! I’d re – visit again and again, even coming back each week, if I could do so. Good times, good times!!!!