Sea-Doo Spark Intake Grate

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Riva Racing has quite literally blown the lid off of my past expectations, in a good way, and sold me something, time and time again, that I for NO reason have ever regretted. I am fully persuaded that they are my permanent ‘go - to brand’ when it comes to picking up an intake grate for my Spark, and such high praise for them comes from a good place…. they have not let me down. I admire their handiwork and all that they can sell me…. sell away, I WILL always buy from you, Riva Racing! Now, with all of that just said, I would like to point your un – divided attention out to the intake grate that is sold by them and talk for a few minutes about it ( see it here later for yourself, too —- RIVA Sea-Doo Spark Top-Loader Intake Grate ( ) .

At a price of just $250, it’s no wonder they sell out fast every month on these. That is a solid deal if I had ever smelled one ( and I’ve smelled some great ones from a mile away, he he he heh ) . The wing design itself, let me tell you ( as Donald Trump would say, which I love… “let me tell you”, he he he he heh ) , is unlike anything else that I have ever set my eyes on, literally speaking. It is distinct and supreme in so many more ways than I can even tell you. And that’s high praise, coming from a very picky buyer like me. I rarely give astounding reviews in the way that I do here, but let me further show you so that you can see where I am coming from, ok?

So, then, I mentioned the wing design, which — and get this — so happens to be top – notch in terms of getting up to max speed and offering superb acceleration. As a matter of fact, it even gets rid of prior cavitation or prop spin issues that so many other jet ski users have had to bear with in other models ( don’t you just hate these problems with typical ‘other’ intake grates? ) . In fact, those problems become mere laughing jokes, when you get this product — I can almost promise you that ( and even pinky swear on it, if you really want me to, he he heh…. I am no less than serious here, take my word for it ) .

You can even tell that the side rails are deeply put together and made with quality, not just any cheap gimmick that will fall apart after a few short rides ( been there and learned my lesson…. got to invest in quality, he he he heh ) . This item is also IJSBA Race Legal. And not only that, but its quality material can better protect you from corrosion than with most typical intake grates.