Chainsaw Go Kart

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

I had once heard about a man who did what so many people laughed at and said was not possible ( or even probable ) to get done… at least, by this guy. He went and took an old chainsaw, which he used to craft up a nice go kart, all in all. Surprised? Let me tell you some more on this. May I? Assuming your answer has been yes, I will now continue to share….

He made a fully - usable motor out of that chainsaw alone, and of course, he had ( or got ) the other parts to make the entire go kart, all in all. It was a true achievement that has even made a few head - lines and got me thinking BIG. I need to go bigger myself and expand my own horizons of thinking, always pushing myself to grow and test the limits ( and then test them again once more, he he he heh ) ; I think we, as human beings, are made by God for such endeavors…. our brains, when fully used, are limit - less in what they can achieve. And so, with all that said jumbled out at ya, I wrote it to say that, as much as I write these swell blogs for all you guys, I write them perhaps even more so for me…. for myself, for me, and for I ( or however the old saying goes, something like that, he he he heh ) . I want to grow and be challenged, and to do that, I had to do my research on this, and by sharing it with you, it will mentally re - inforce what I have learned, in my own crazy brain, he he. All learning and repetition is good. So with that, on we go!!!

First of all, if you want to do the same as this guy did, then start by finding some old 42 - 46 CC type of chain saw that you can roll with. Take it slowly apart ( videos online that can teach you how…. YouTube, Vimeo, etc ) to pull out that motor. Do all this, of course, assuming you have the whole thing dis - connected and have removed the main power source, keeping it isolated. That is the most important part when getting everything started.

Get two basic go kart wheels for the back of the go kart. Connect those, once you have them, to that same motor. And then you are going to want to build the rest of that whole go kart, right around —- you know it —- the chassis. Some extra bike sprockets, in turn, would not hurt to have, in your efforts here. Ask a bike shop to give you any they’re going to toss…

You need to know how to weld, how to tune - up, and of course, how to cut. So get to studying. Watch videos til’ you drop!