Dirt Bike Chest Protector

Find out more here!  The chest protector, for use on your dirt bike expeditions, is a true friend who sticks close to the chest --- and so much more. It can be, in fact, the very difference between injury and safety, many a time, and will stand close to you when you need it most. So if you are out and about on your dirt bike, don’t go on riding without one!

Dirt Bike Chest Protector

The power behind the product

So, as you probably already concurred through some online research, there are but many good kinds of chest protectors you can get, and not all of these will break your bank by default ---- get a good quality one, and your wallet will still survive. Now let’s have a look at one that I personally suggest for anyone to get, one that offers a fair balance between asking price and quality offered, ROI and durability, and so many other hosts of factors that most real riders look for today. Let’s check it out….. 

Dirt Bike Chest Protector - The product itself

This product I’m preaching to you about here is none other than the glorious Leatt Adventure Chest Protector, which, all in all, I would have to say is my literal life saver when I’m out on my bike, hitting those dirt or pavement bumps with everything I’ve got! This is true protection you can count on, and you will now get a few reasons as to why…..

First of all, you should bear in mind that this product is fully tested and protected on several levels, even CE certified by EN 14021. Not only that, but the high grade biofoam that it is made out of is fully washable. Yes, that’s correct ---- throw it onto your washer and dryer after a long, soggy ride, and it’ll clean right up!!!!! But furthermore, you will find that this one is comprised of only the best, top-notch high-density polyethylene or HDPE as some prefer to name it. This means it’s insanely tough and durable, made even for the worst falls and smacks you can think of (But please, for your own safety, do not test that fact --- just take our word for it and read the product details after you make a purchase; be smart).   

And to shed some more positive light on the product, we can also see that, on even the hottest of summer days and in the warmest of rugged outbacks, it’ll keep you cool through its liberal air ventilation, spread moderately all throughout. So it’s more than a chest protector. But not only that, it’s front and back plates are 100 % removable at any time, implying that you can move that brace a whole lot closer to your body ---- where it should be, to begin with. Safety and fun can simply not be overstressed here... 

More you should know

In addition to all this, keep in mind that riders between 120 and 240 pounds in weight (54 and 110 kg, respectively) will benefit the most from this chest protector as that is who it’s designed for. And guess what else? The product is also lightweight like nothing else, weighing only 2.15 pounds. Its full dimensions are 23 x 15 x 5 inches as well.

And for an even lighter wear, the Leatt Adventure LITE Chest Protector is also a great way to go. It’s got all the same benefits as the regular version but weighs --- you guessed it --- even less, at 2 lbs totaled. The LITE version currently stands as a top seller on Amazon and other sites as does the regular version. But many prefer that lighter feel overall….. 

In addition, keep in mind the following piece of fact as it can make a huge difference in your dirt biking experience: Did you know roost deflectors and chest protectors are actually not the same thing? It’s true, and let’s look closer. First of all, this is a mistake that more people than you would believe have actually made. There is a difference between the two.

A roost deflector will only protect you from the occasional minor cut, bump, scratch or bruise but it does not, in any way, do what the chest protector itself can do. Many do not know the difference or research it well ahead of time, and it has caused them injury. Some of the body areas that get injured the most, besides the chest, are the clavicle, kidneys, shoulders and ribs. And to only add flame to the fire, consider this as well: Countless past users of roost deflectors have stated that the deflector has indeed, at some point in their ride, slid up during a crash ---- cutting right into their chin area. 

So when you ride into very dusty areas and wish to avoid it kicking up into you from the rider in front of you, or you simply wish to avoid constantly getting lightly whacked by those annoying bushes you ride past, then the roost deflector is there. But it is only supplemental to the chest protector. It is no substitute for it by any means. Always remember this and tell your friends the facts --- it could save their lives.    

Final, concluding thoughts on all this….

So for sweet shoulder and clavicle protection, not to mention comfort and upper body breathability and much more, the Leatt Adventure Chest Protector can be a product that works well. Try it if it’s your first time on the dirt roads or even your thousandth. You’ll find much value in all it can supply.  

And remember, if you wear a neck brace of any form, you can still use your chest protector with it. And if it’s the hottest July day of the year when you’re out and about, its many ventilation holes and spots will work their magic to ensure you stay nice and cool. So, all in all, it’s body armour for your chest --- which won’t wear you down, prevent respiration, or even catch heat. How amazing is that? It’s dirt-bike body armour you can rely on all year long!