Sea-Doo Spark How To Start

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Room, room! Room!!! Hear that sound of your Spark’s engine roaring as you have turned on the ignition and started it, ready to kick through those waters like a karate master’s foot through a board, he heh! Can you hear the sound of freedom in the back of your mind? I know that I sure can, and it tastes ( or sounds, I ought to say, he heh ) nothing less than glorious. It’s a moment worth living for.

Now if you are wondering, as I first was when I STARTED OUT, with nothing but a Spark and a user’s manual and my own gut, heh heh, HOW TO TURN ON THE DANG THING AND START IT, then you are in luck…. why? Well, because I happened to be rolling some dice on my next topic and landed on this very one, He heh. So it means that I am going to be talking to you about this next. SO stay reading, now……

First of all, you are going to need to know that it needs to be started, ideally, in water. No – brainer, but of course, some people have tried to start it on land ( and made for some crazy funny You Tube videos in the process but that is a whole nother topic for a whole nother audience, as we like to say, he he he heh heh ) . You CAN technically try to start your Spark on land, but for no more than 15 secs, after which things over – heat on themselves and alarms go off. So why not just save yourself the trouble, not to mention the life of your water vehicle? COME ON NOW….. you are smarter than that, and I know you are!

First off, you will note a red button on the left side of the handles…. this button is for none other than starting and stopping, of course, your most central button and function, if we can be honest. This button is also what clicks on your main central computer on the Spark and basically ‘sparks’ everything up into gear…. nice, no? Push it gently and the gauge’s center cluster will light up and you’ll notice the water – craft basically starting to come on. It is as if you have waked it up. Plug in that D.E.S.S. cord to hear a couple beeps ( which just confirm that it is on and now at your service, he heh ) . Hold that red button down again and you will have ignited the engine and really revved things up…. room, room. Room!!!!

Hear the sound. And of course, to turn off the engine and the Spark, just push that red button again, and then you can feel free to gently un - plug the D.E.S.S. cord afterward. Now, you are turned off, disconnected and un – plugged. Easy, right? I sure thought so, too!