Best Go Kart Tires For Asphalt

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

If you are planning to go out on asphalt tracks most of the time in which you are riding about in your go – kart, then oval tires are your very best friend for that. But wait : I have more to tell if you have the time to read. Please read on to see what else I have to share on the matter.

Now then, the first thing’s first : I would like to simply and plainly point out this fact to you all, and it’s the fact that are asphalt tracks are usually literally designed for oval karting, so it’s perfect …. like a match made in heaven, you could say. These oval tires on go – karts, you will find, are typically wider than most others and also feature a stiffer kind of side - wall that they can take on. Perhaps you have heard of oval kart racing? If not, that’s okay, but let me introduce you to it for just a bit …

It’s essentially, like the name tells you, kart racing with oval tires ( and often on asphalt tracks, of course ) . You can get threaded or non – threaded oval racing tires ( even if your kart does not originally come with any, some are adjustable and let you add these in and substitute the old tires ) . Compare these types of tires with basic slick tires, and of course, you will find that they are not only a bit wider but also designed to accommodate for an increased sense of grip ( thanks to that stiffer side - wall I mentioned, he he he he heheh ) .

Now, what you ought to also notice is this — that most oval tires in North America, you will find, come non – homologated when you buy them ( but I did say “most”, not “all”, he he he he heh … as you can order the other kind online and in some select stores, too ) . Now, on another note, some may also say that certain types ( yes, but usually not most of them, just a rare few that make the cut ) of off – roading dirt tires can reasonably handle ( notice I said reasonably handle, not “are made for” ) asphalt. It’s typically the last choice you want to go with, but if you have nothing else, it’s suitable for the time being. But try to get oval tires on that kart as fast as you can though …. at your earliest convenience is best!

You can also try basic ( or even advanced, he he he he heh ) concession tires, which last a bit less long on the asphalt but are still a “last - minute / have nothing else to use” sort of replacement as well ( but my top choice is still those oval tires I mentioned first, he he he he heh ) .