How Long To Recharge A Sodikart

If you own something like the latest and greatest, something like a Sodikart, then my hat’s off to you —- an excellent choice in modern go karts, and an excellent taste you have, I must say. Now keep in mind that, depending on the specific type of Sodikart ( or very similar go kart ) that you have purchased, your charging time can range. Say, for instance, that you got one that works within the parameters of 35Ah, 42 Ah, etc… then in this case, nine times out of ten, you’re lucky since the re – charging ( or even initial charging, in some cases ) time can be just around 15 – 20 minutes. So that gives you a quick few minutes to run upstairs and brush your teeth, read a short comic, grab a snack, take a very brief walk or just about anything else you can squeeze in to do at the time… as you wait.

Some chargers, on the other hand, can take up to 12 hours ( if it is a full re – charge needed, to get your battery back up from being 100 % depleted, etc…. or if, like, you are using a different charger that you swapped out from the original battery, etc ) . Keep that in mind, too. The best thing to do, in either case, is to immediately put that thing into re – charge and go about with your business, keeping an eye on things from time to time ( in case it may be time to un – plug the charger and get back to driving the go kart around, he he he he he heh ) .

I wish you all the very best of luck in your endeavors when planning to charge and re – charge the special go kart ; just know that you own a one of a kind product that is made to last for years on end. It should serve you well. Sodikarts are truly the modern go karts of the future, as some like to say, and re - charging one should be more seamless and perfect than in past go kart models, you will find. You’ll be able to do so easily and without much hassle.

Some charges can take anywhere in between these listed time frames. Keep that in mind, too. The last time I charged my Sodikart, it just took around 35 minutes. I plugged it in all the way ( very important ) and then let it do its thing.